This week in Church history

50 years ago

A significant leap in the number of visitors to Temple Square in Salt Lake City was reported in the Sept. 6, 1947, Church News."During the month of August 1947, more persons visited Temple Square than visited the grounds during any single year before 1936," the article stated. The total number of visitors that month - 221,418 - was an increase of 38,279 over the total for July of the same year.

The article also reported: "During [August] in 1946 only 144,010 visitors were tabulated and only 57,442 were taken on tour by the guides. This year during August, 84,308 visitors toured the grounds under the direction of the 64 authorized guides."

The number of visitors during the first eight months of 1947 - 634,261 - was quickly approaching the previous year's all-time record of 717,765 visitors.

"In two huge registration books in the Bureau of Information, thousands of persons from every continent and a majority of the countries have signed their names," the article added. "These two books contain 200 pages and will hold 7,200 names. They have to be replaced twice and sometimes three times every month."

Quote from the past

"Temple marriage is not just another form of church wedding; it is a divine covenant with the Lord that if we are faithful to the end, we may become as God now is." - From an address given by Elder Albert E. Bowen of the Quorum of the Twelve during the October 1948 general conference

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