New stake presidencies

Three more stakes have been created in South America, in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

The Anapolis Brazil Stake, which includes the Anapolis 1st, Bougainville, Jardim America, Jundiai, Maracana and Vila Gois wards, and the Anapolis 2nd and Recanto Do Sol branches, has been created by Elder Claudio R. M. Costa of the Seventy.The Fernando De La Mora Paraguay South Stake, which includes the Floresta, Leopardi, Lucerito, Nemby, and San Isidro wards, and the Del Maestro, Ipane, Pai-Nu, San Antonio and Ytororo branches, has been created by Elder Carlos H. Amado of the Seventy.

The Zarate Argentina Stake, which includes the Campana 1st and 2nd, San Pedro, and Zarate 1st and 2nd wards, and the Baradero, Lima and San Jacinto branches, has been created by Elder John B. Dickson of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Canada, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru, and in California, Ohio and Utah.

New stakes

ANAPOLIS BRAZIL STAKE: (June 29, 1997) Created from the Anapolis Brazil District. President - Cassio Barbosa Piazzarolo, 36, salesman for Rede Globo TV Reproductions; wife, Jany Vietrada Silva de Piazzarolo. Counselors - Bras Alves da Silva, 29, public contact for Tocantins (Globo) TV; wife, Elizete Cecilia Coelho de Silva. Reginaldo Ribeiro Resende, 35, self-employed music composer; wife, Livia Goncalves de Almeida Resende.

FERNANDO DE LA MORA PARAGUAY SOUTH STAKE: (June 15, 1997) Created from the Asuncion Paraguay and Fernando De Mora Paraguay stakes, and the Asuncion Paraguay District. President - Humberto Canete C., 35, owner and director of own company; wife, Victoria Benitez de Canete. Counselors - Carlino Rios R., 42, finance supervisor for Church area office; wife, Isabel F. Benitez de Rios. Juan Fermin Machuca G., 38, ; wife, Blanca Luz Aranda N. de Machuca.

ZARATE ARGENTINA STAKE: (July 27, 1997) Created from the Zarate Argentina District. President - Jose Antonio Gutierrez R., 35, administrative manager for Bonesi S.A.; wife,

Maria Esther Vega de Gutierrez. Counselors - Ernesto Gabriel Marin A., 28, sales assistant for Isenbeck House; wife, Estela Cristina Navarro de Marin. Ramon Agapito Alteno M., 46, store manager for Argenvases; wife, Estela Ines Villagra de Alteno.

Stake reorganizations

ASUNCION PARAGUAY STAKE: (June 15, 1997) President - Jorge M. Villalba V., 45, general manager for Forever Living Products; succeeding Carlos Alberto Roig; wife, Ana Maria Torrelio R. de Villalba. Counselors - Ramon R. Damiano T., 41, sales marketing for Forever Living Products; wife, Maria Grau R. de Damiano. Juan Carlos Cella P., 28, information manager for attorney; wife, Lourdes Beatriz Maidana M. de Cella.

CALGARY ALBERTA NORTH STAKE: (Aug. 17, 1997) President - Duane D. Neville, 65, president of Neville Holdings; succeeding Gordon F. West; wife, Doreen Alma Sather Neville. Counselors - Bradford T. Meldrum, 45, financial and management consultant for Aycol Energy Research Laboratories Ltd.; wife, Pennyjean Margaret Banks Meldrum. F. Brent Thomas, 41, vice president of Hycal Energy Research; wife, Carolyn Joyce Rawsthorne Thomas.

CELAYA MEXICO STAKE: (Aug. 24, 1997) President - Hector Avila R., 36, university professor; succeeding Jesus Ernesto Tinoco; wife, Martha Patricia Melendez A. de Avila. Counselors - Rafael Rodriguez R., 34, ; wife, Gabriela Vazquez M. de Rodriguez. Jose Vicente Cardona T., 35, self-employed businessman; wife, Maria Luisa Ochoa M. de Cardona.

CLEVELAND OHIO STAKE: (Aug. 10, 1997) President - Thomas Herre Rice, 47, self-employed masonry contractor; succeeding Douglas Dwight Wilson; wife, Marina Ruiz Rice. Counselors - Keith Wade Tolman, 49,

executive vice presidnt for KeyCorp; wife, Karen Courtney Tolman. Kenneth R. Ervin, 57, director of computer systems for Oberlin College; wife, Catherine Edith Alice Webb Ervin.

FERNANDO DE LA MORA PARAGUAY: (June 15, 1997) President - Ernesto Antonio Da Silva, retained. Counselors - Vicente Enrique Ojeda L., 36, communications representative for Proveco Representatives; wife, Lydia Veronica Chica B. de Ojeda. Jesus Manuel Grau R., 41, project manager for electric installations company; wife, Juana Noemi Guerrero M. de Grau.

LIMA PERU SAN MARTIN STAKE: (Aug. 3, 1997) President - Simon Alicles Santa Cruz F., 39, self-employed in general services; succeeding Hermes Agustin Paredes Lazaro; wife, Mariela Hermelinda Patroni U. de Santa Cruz. Counselors - Luis Alberto Marino M., 31, administrative secretary for Church Educational System; wife, Patricia Jannina Rodriguez T. de Marino. Carlos Edmundo Mendoza R., 51, shop forman for Panamerican Industries; wife, Rosa Maria Lopez C. de Mendoza.

SALT LAKE EAST MILLCREEK NORTH STAKE: (Aug. 17, 1997) President - Kent H. Murdock, 50, president and chief executive officer for O. C. Tanner Company; succeeding Bruce M. Lake; wife, Barbara Lou Coulam Murdock. Counselors - David E. Poulsen, 52, president of American Express Centurion Bank; wife, Adrienne Veneta Wilson Poulsen. Stuart L. Poelman, 60, attorney with Blackburn & Stall; wife, Helen Ward Poelman.

UPLAND CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Aug. 17, 1997) President - Dennis Robert Merrick, 52, self-employed insurance agent; succeeding Clayton Lee Downey; wife, Nancy Lynn Tripp Merrick. Counselors - Edward Lewis Sorenson, 54, chief financial officer for Community Hospital of San Bernardino; wife, Bonnie Lynn Walker Sorenson. John Patrick Boland, 52, chief estimator for Advanco Constructors; wife, Diane Bullock Boland.

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