New stake presidencies

The first stake in Ivory Coast in western Africa has been created, less than 10 years after the first missionaries arrived in April 1988. The Church received legal recognition in the country on April 19, 1991, and on June 1, 1993, the Ivory Coast Abidjan Mission was established. In early 1996 construction of the first LDS meetinghouse in the country was started. Today, there are about 3,400 members in Ivory Coast.

The new stake - Abidjan Ivory Coast Stake - was created by Elder Dennis E. Simmons of the Seventy. It includes the Abobo, Agoueta, Anonkoua, Codody, Dokui, Foncier, Koumassi, Niangon, Quatre Etages, Sagbe and Sogefiha wards.Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Samoa, Scotland, and Sweden, and in Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Washington.

New stake

ABIDJAN IVORY COAST STAKE: (Aug. 17, 1997) Created from the Abidjan Ivory Coast and Abobo Ivory Coast districts. President - Cyr Philippe Assard, 56, technical director for Star-Auto-Mercedes; wife, Annelies Margitta Assard. Counselors - Alain Michel Tanoe, 32, medical consultant and doctor for African American insurance company; wife, Elaine Akissi Tanoe. Leho Cesar Guigui, 37, self-employed businessman; wife, Sabine N'goran Konan Guigui.

Stake reorganizations

BREMERTON WASHINGTON STAKE: (Sept. 7, 1997) President - Leonard M Anderson, 53, chief engineer for Puget Sound Naval Shipyard; succeeding David Spencer Terry; wife, Kathleen Milligan Anderson. Counselors - Lynn Hill Smith, 51, staff specialist for Lockheed Martin Co.; wife, LaDawn Brown Smith. Donald David Davis, 44, coordinator for Church Educational System; wife, Frances M. Nesbit Davis.

DURANGO COLORADO STAKE: (Sept. 7, 1997) President - Kirk W. Peine, 42, owner of Peine Construction; succeeding Vaughn A. Johnson; wife, Sharon Lee Talley Peine. Counselors - Kent Curtis Marlatt, 54, claims adjustor for State Farm Insurance; wife, Karma June Jackson Marlatt. Scott Jay Cowan, 49, production technician for Shell Western E & P; wife, Ellen Linnia Nelson Cowan.

EL BELLOTO CHILE STAKE: (July 2, 1997) President - Hugo Garrido Gonzalez, retained. Counselors - Luis Perez A., 56, manager and owner of San Mauro; wife, Rita Munoz C. de Perez. Christian Humberto Mella T., 30, salesman for Colun; wife, Flor Maria Suazo G. de Mella.

ESMERALDAS ECUADOR STAKE: (Aug. 31, 1997) President - Cesar Joel Campos A., 35, computer professor at Camilo Ponce College,; succeeding Jorge Miguel Arroyo Jacome; wife, Maria Elena Cedeno C. de Campos. Counselors - Edison Pastor Cuero P., 28, unit operator coordinator of "Our Youth Foundation" and administrative manager for ASO northern residents; wife, Daisys Eufemia Cuero C. de Cuero. Pasgval Zungia P., 30, merchant; wife, Maria del Carmen Diaz C. de Zungia.

FALLON NEVADA SOUTH STAKE: (Aug. 24, 1997) President - R. Mark Hyde, 44, manager for Beneficial Life Insurance; succeeding Robert Floyd Weed; wife, Anne Hart Hyde. Counselors - Dennis Keith Gailey, 47, self-employed pharmacist; wife, Colleen Greenwood Gailey. Chris K. Harris, 44, manager of operations for C. R. Minerals; wife, Lisbeth Prier Harris.

GLASGOW SCOTLAND STAKE: (Sept. 7, 1997) President - Robert Easton Richardson, 44, country coordinator for Church Educational System; succeeding David William Larking; wife, Norma Jean Turnbull Richardson. Counselors - Alasdair Simpson Munro, 43, nurse manager for Bield Association; wife, Loretta Anne Kane Munro. Thomas Hugh Wark, 36, senior residential social worker for Glasgow City Council; wife, Donna Lynn Canning Wark.

GOETEBORG SWEDEN STAKE: (Aug. 24, 1997) President - Leif Gunnar Mattsson, , executive director for IFK Goteborg Promotion AB; succeeding Hans H. J. Mattsson; wife, Eva Elisabeth Ringheim Mattsson. Counselors - Ulf Borje Stroembom, 37, police officer; wife, Solveig Nasstrom Stroembom. Lars Gosta Malm, 50, construction foreman for Sinjet System AB; wife, Sonja Elisabeth Ohlsson Malm.

KEARNS UTAH WESTERN HILLS STAKE: (Sept. 7, 1997) President - John Clarence Beck, 40, principal and instructor at East High School Seminary; succeeding Timothy William Sullivan; wife, Gwen Mecham Beck. Counselors - Guy Jacobson Riches, 41, sales manager for Keebler Company; wife, Sandra Lym Riches. Chris Fenton Boyack, 41, customer service engineer for Aerotek; wife, Susan Leake Boyack.

PAGO PAGO SAMOA CENTRAL STAKE: (March 9, 1997) President - Beaver T. Ho Ching, retained. Counselors - Denny Afualo, 40, general manager for Pioneer Construction; wife, Mary Anne Lily Crichton Afualo. Palata Leger, 53, carpenter; wife, Fusi Tuilagic Leger.

POTOSI BOLIVIA STAKE: (March 9, 1997) President - Jose Santiago Cejas M., 34, bank employee; succeeding Edgar Merardo Lopez Loayza; wife, Jeanette Goldi Garcia R. de Cejas. Counselors - Hector Kenny Quintanilla M., 31, working on thesis; wife, Neith Santa Cruz L. de Quintanilla. Moises Daniel Saavedra B., 34, driver; wife, Janet Calizaya C. de Saavedra.

STEVENSVILLE MONTANA STAKE: (Aug. 24, 1997) President - Robert Lynn Wischmeier, 45, employed by Fortman Freight Lines; succceeding Robert K. Bergman; wife, Bonnie Jean Rasmussen Wischmeier. Counselors - Randall Dean Kearns, 38, owner and partner of Gardner Auction Service; wife, Vickie Lyne Gardner Kearns. Randy Lane Mineer, 43, president of auto repair business; wife, Janice Kay Buroker Mineer.

TALCA CHILE EL MIRADOR STAKE: (June 22, 1997) President - Luis Alberto Rosales H., 33, squad chief for Endesa; succeeding Gaston Alberto Rocha Fernandez; wife, Dorita Edilia Hernandez M. de Rosales. Counselors - Fernando Enri

que Vergara S., 33, accountant for Sergio Munoz Ojeda; wife, Juana Ester Valladares A. de Vergara. Jacinto Enrique Salazar L., 37, warehouse worker for Jarman; wife, Sandra Maria Pina B. de Salazar.

VILLAHERMOSA MEXICO STAKE: (Aug. 10, 1997) President - Rodolfo Salas G., 42, manager for Mabe Integra S.A. De C.V.; succeeding Leobardo De La Cruz Rosales; wife, Ana Maria Pitalua G. de Salas. Counselors - Daniel Gallegos S., 41, Spanish and English teacher for Olmeca College; wife, Virginia Ruiz S. de Gallegos. Jose Luis Ochoa B., 49, credit and collections manager for Tabasco Automotive S.A. de C.V.; wife, Elda Montero H. de Ochoa.

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