New stake presidencies

Two new stakes have been created, in Brazil and Utah.

The Draper Utah Corner Canyon Stake, which includes the Draper 4th, 5th, 8th, 11th, 14th, and 15th wards, has been created by Elder L. Aldin Porter of the Presidency of the Seventy.The Ponta Pora Brazil Stake, which includes the Dourados 2nd and 3rd, and Ponta Pora 1st, 2nd and 3rd, wards and the Dourados 1st, and Maracaju branches, has been created by Elder Ernani Teixeira, Area Authority Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Australia, Brazil, Chile, England, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, and Samoa, and in Arizona, California, Idaho and Utah.

New stakes

DRAPER UTAH CORNER CANYON STAKE: (Dec. 7, 1997) Created from the Draper Utah Stake. President - Brent R. Bonham, 44, president and owner of Stan Bonham Co.; wife, Robin Stone Bonham. Counselors - Ivern M. Bradley III, 45, self-employed certified public accountant; wife, Cherie Lee Blair Bradley. Robert Bruce Jones, 47, self-employed chiropractor; wife, Joy Diane Harmon Jones.

PONTA PORA BRAZIL STAKE: (Dec. 14, 1997) Created from the Ponta Pora Brazil District. President - Rubens Paim Quadnos, 28, accountant for Ismal-Imp. Exp. Com. Ltda.; wife, Agnes Risia dos Santos Quadnos. Counselors - Joao De Souza Lima, 31, accountant for Pontalex Accountant Consultants; wife, Maria Jose Da Silva Almeida Ferrcira de Lima. Silvio Roberto Soares Gama, 32, ; wife, Jocem Ferreira Da Silva de Gama.

Stake reorganizations

BRISTOL ENGLAND STAKE: (Nov. 30, 1997) President - Patrick Robert David Kearon, 36, owner of Kearon Hulme Communications; succeeding Mark Laurence Lewis; wife, Jennifer Carole Hulme Kearon. Counselors - Martin Jonathan Turvey, 37, group marketing manager for PBTI; wife, Debra Louise Christie Turvey. Martin John Perkins, 38, senior consultant for Cap Gemini UK; wife, Tracy Izabelle Wilderspin Perkins.

COVINA CALIFORNIA (SPANISH) STAKE: (Dec. 7, 1997) President - Carlos Juan Garcia, 60, attorney; succeeding Juan Francisco Badal; wife, Nancy Ruth Berkemeyer Garcia. Counselors - Felix Molina Garcia, 43, engineering specialist for Northrup Grumman Corp.; wife, Rosa Linda Vega Savleda Garcia. Samuel Hernandez, 51, commercial driver for Joseph T. Ryerson and Son; wife, Sylvia Elvira Reyes Hernandez.

DELICIAS MEXICO STAKE: (Dec. 7, 1997) President - Luis Gonzalo Ruiz R., 29, accountant and administrative manager for business; succeeding Sergio Trejo Lopez; wife, Margarita Martell C. de Ruiz. Counselors - Jose De Jesus Herrera S., 43, manager of computer and copier subsidiary company; wife, Laura Almeida D. de Herrera. Roman Gerardo Lopez G., 29, custodian for Church Area office; wife, Maria Del Carmen Gonzalez S. de Lopez.

DRAPER UTAH STAKE: (Dec. 7, 1997) President - Dale E. Smith, retained. Counselors - Harold Ray Terry, retained. Boyd S. Ware, 45, store manager for Deseret Book; wife, Linda Jean Paxman Ware.

HOBART AUSTRALIA STAKE: (Dec. 14, 1997) President - Peter Noel Gard, 39, program manager for Oak Enterprises; succeeding Stephen E. Hansford; wife, Maxine Faye Oats Gard. Counselors - Dean Gordon Docking, 43, senior teacher for The Hutchins School; wife, Tanya Margaret Read Docking. Anker Julian Fuglsang, 46, acting principal and assistant principal for education department of Tasmania; wife, Kerry Diana Barker Fuglsang.

JEROME IDAHO STAKE: (Dec. 7, 1997) President - Leon Leavitt, 55, publisher of The Progressive Dairyman; succeeding James Roy Babcock; wife, Jane Mary Cannon Leavitt. Counselors - Robert Irvin Bingham, 49, president of Westec Inc.; wife, Ilene Bingham Bingham. James Chris Meservy, 44, attorney; wife, Cherie Wiser Meservy.

MARIKINA PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Nov. 30, 1997) President - Ernesto Estrella Guancia, 37, area director for Church Educational System; succeeding Ricardo Sumajit Chansing; wife, Erlinda Aranas Siscon Guancia. Counselors - Dick Cana Micairan, 43, operations and maintenance manager for Church area office; wife, Cynthia Guran Sta Ana Micairan. Cesar Milaya Tolentino, 44, branch manager for Robinsons Savings Bank; wife, Barbara Dacanay Basconcillo Tolentino.

MESA ARIZONA NORTH STAKE: (Dec. 7, 1997) President - Stephen Lavar West, 43, attorney; succeeding David Lawrence Roberts; wife, Julie Wilbur West. Counselors - Errol Call Bagley, 53, self-employed painting contractor; wife, Elaine Ray Bagley. John Gourlay Linton, 53, owner of Linton Milanio Music; wife, Mila Ann Milanio Linton.

PUCALLPA PERU STAKE: (Dec. 7, 1997) President - Saul Meneses G., 44, internal auditor for Emapacop S.A.; succeeding Fernando Vela Lopez; wife, Juana Gumercinda Peralta T. de Meneses. Counselors - George Victor Brast M., 30, sales assistant for The Maple Gas Corporation; wife, Gaby Luz Panduro S. de Brast. Javier Oregon R., 31, sales representative for paper supplies; wife, Dina Paredes G. de Oregon.

SALT LAKE PIONEER STAKE: (Dec. 7, 1997) President - Tracy LaMond Branch, 43, sales manager for Alumaline Corp.; succeeding Rey Maxwell Miles; wife, Cynthia Miles Branch. Counselors - Jerry C. Randall, 45, West Valley City policeman; wife, Colleen Jennie McBride Randall. Dick J. Fernandez, 50, sales supervisor for Towne Craft; wife, Antonia I. Ladeveze Fernandez.

SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA EAST STAKE: (Dec. 7, 1997) President - William Keenan Thunstrom, 52, certified public accountant and vice president of Sharp, Thunstrom Batson; succeeding Robert Lee Chambers; wife, Carol June Platts Thunstrom. Counselors - Keith Harmon Everett, 40, podiatrist at Kaiser Permanente; wife, Judy Ellen Shepherd Everett. Guy Alan McWhirter, 42, insurance agent for Farmers Insurance; wife, Jan Marie Olechnowicz McWhirter.

SANTIAGO CHILE PROGRESO STAKE: (Nov. 30, 1997) President - Osvaldo Gabriel Pozo A., 51, self-employed service technician; succeeding Patricio Guillermo Latorre Orellana; wife, Susana del Carmen Perez T. de Pozo. Counselors - Washington Morales V., 40, office clerk for Santiago Bank; wife, Berta F. Santibanez B. de Morales. Carlos Arrieta C., 39, physical facilities supervisor for Church area office; wife, Raquel Melo V. de Arrieta.

SANTOS BRAZIL STAKE: (Dec. 14, 1997) President - Givaldo do Nascimento, 43, partner and director for Manhatan Corr. Securities; succeeding Jose Carlos Aguilar; wife, Vania Maria Pinto Cavalcante de Nascimento. Counselors - Rubens Ferreira, retained. Joao Cesar Botossi, 42, banking official for Bank of Brazil; wife, Helena Cuntla Luiza de Botossi.

UPOLU SAMOA SALEILUA STAKE: (Nov. 30, 1997) President - Pu`a Siaosi Allen, 28, employed in domestic duties; succeeding Polesi Avauli; wife, Iokapeta Ah Kiong Allen. Counselors - Averett Eti Faafefete Faalogo, 39, self-employed fisherman; wife, Savali Pogi Faalogo. Ueli Tapu, 51, plumber for Public Works Dept.; wife, Faatasiga Malopito Tapu.

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