Young Women meeting can be `a happening'

The Young Women general presidency is urging young women throughout the Church to make the upcoming General Young Women Meeting on March 28 "a happening."

The meeting, originating from the Tabernacle on Temple Square, will be telecast to 3,000 meetinghouses throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Young Women Gen. Pres. Margaret D. Nadauld said that the telecast will focus on the theme of the 1998 Young Women Worldwide Celebration - "Turning Hearts to the Family."Speaking of the importance of the telecast, Sister Nadauld added, "There is such a wonderful spirit when everyone is there watching it together."

She shared some ideas that wards and stakes throughout the Church have been using to make the evening a special occasion, including the following:

Having dinner together, with mothers, before the telecast.

Holding workshops with special speakers and crafts.

Having special Young Women displays.

One stake, Sister Nadauld related, is inviting fathers to come to the meetinghouse after the telecast for a fun activity with their daughters.

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