This week in Church history

100 years ago

The way the Church was perceived in press coverage was improving, an article in the Deseret News reported on Feb. 5, 1898.

"The instances in which newspapers in different parts of the United States show a disposition to publish fair reports of Mormon meetings, and of interviews with Mormon missionaries, are multiplying with gratifying rapidity," the article stated.

It continued that the Deseret News had received information on recent cases "in which there was rivalry between reporters of different papers in the same town, in procuring the best and fullest interviews with a Mormon missionary who had just arrived; and the reporters evidently tried to be accurate as well as enterprising, heretofore an unusual combination of qualities in members of the fraternity when dealing with anything savoring of Mormonism."

A clipping was submitted to the Deseret News of the coverage of a conference in a Jackson, Miss., newspaper. The Deseret News article said, "The spirit of the report is very fair, and it is evident that the reporter tried to present correctly the leading ideas of the different discourses."

Quote from the past

"In properly conducted homes the children are builded up in character, in faith, in the principles of the gospel. A nation in which such training abounds shall increase in glory from day to day." - Elder Charles A. Callis of the Quorum of the Twelve, from address given in October 1942 general conference

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