Gospel brings joy to centenarians

Having a baptism in the Nigeria Port Harcourt Mission is not unusual. Many are taking place today in this growing area of the Church.

What is unusual is that one convert, Cecilia Onyebinauzechioma Onuoha, is 102 years old.Sister Onuoha, a member of the Atta Branch, Owerri District, was baptized Sept. 28, 1997, according to correspondence from Sister Anne C. Pingree, who serves with her husband, Mission Pres. George C. Pingree.

When asked how she felt after her baptism, Sister Onuoha spoke of her love for the Savior and added, "I am so happy."

The new member learned about the gospel through the love and example of her son, his wife and their 12 children. Recently, Brother Onuoha asked full-time missionaries, Elder Frank and Sister Judy Wibiral of Valley Springs, Calif., to teach his mother the missionary discussions. With the branch mission leader translating the discussions into the Ibo language, Sister Onuoha was taught the gospel.

When she heard gospel truths, her eyes would light up, and she would smile and nod her head in excitement.

Sister Onuoha has lived her entire life in the same village of Unahuku, where she was born. Today, she still goes to the same market every week selling and buying goods and supplies.

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