Priesthood session capsules


Self-reliance cannot obtain when there is serious debt hanging over a household. One has neither independence nor freedom from bondage when he is obligated to others. - President Gordon B. Hinckley


Serving throughout the world is a great missionary force going about doing good. Missionaries teach truth. They dispel darkness. They spread joy. They bring precious souls to Christ. - President Thomas S. Monson

Parental guidance

``As parents, we have the responsibility to prepare our sons to be worthy and to have a desire to serve the Lord. We are stewards of those sons, held in reserve for this day. - Elder H. Bryan Richards

Priesthood power

The priesthood of God has become the eminent power for good in the world. We are no longer a handful of people on the fringes of society. This great power for good has been entrusted to us, and we must not weaken it by failing in our responsibilities. - President James E. Faust

Quorum leadership

Quorum and group leaders should provide the leading voice and laboring oar in every ward and branch council regarding retention of converts. - Elder D. Todd Christofferson


How grateful we are that the Lord has provided a process for each baptized member of His Church to be periodically cleansed from the soil of sin. The sacrament is an essential part of that process. - Elder Dallin H. Oaks

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