New stake presidencies

The Taejeon Korea Stake has been created by Elder Rex D. Pinegar of the Seventy. It includes the Kong Ju, Sam Seong, Seon Hwa, Tun San and Yu Seong wards, and the Kum San and Non San branches,

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Chile, Guatemala, Korea and Taiwan, and in Utah.

New stake

TAEJEON KOREA STAKE: (March 8, 1998) Created from the Chong Ju Korea Stake. President - Yoon-heon Song, 50, professor at Chungnom National University; wife, Myunj-Ja Byun Song. Counselors - Sang Sub Choi, 49, medical director for Minstry of Justice; wife, Duck Mee Joo Choi. Doo Hyun Paik, 45, senior researcher for Korea Water Resources Corporation; wife, Yum Sook Kim Paik.

Stake reorganizations

LOA UTAH STAKE: (March 22, 1998) President - Kenneth Charles Noyes, 46, farmer/rancher, succeeding Scott Leon Durfey; wife, Ardell Chappell Noyes. Counselors - Newell Edward Harward, 52, partner at

Harward & Rees; wife, Gloria Lee Holladay Harward. Paul Willard Pace, 40, county executive director for USDA Farm Service Agency; wife, Elizbeth Brown Pace.

QUETZALTENANGO GUATEMALA EL BOSQUE STAKE: (Aug. 30, 1998) President - Alex Moroni Perez U., 29, general administrator for Deseret Industries, succeeding Melvin Enrique Recinos Diaz; wife, Claudia Lorena Dardon C. de Perez. Counselors, Jose Maria Tzic T., 34, owner of tailor shop; wife, Maria Juvencia Amezquita V. de Tzic. Edgar Rene Velasquez J., 27, self-employed merchant; wife, Lilian Elizabeth Godinez Z. de Velasquez.

SANTIAGO CHILE INDEPENDENCIA STAKE: (Aug. 30, 1998) President - Marco Antonio Hernandez F., 38, marketing consultant for Mimet S.A., succeeding Celso Ariel Morales Montoya; wife, Cosgrove Leiva Palmira M. de Hernandez. Counselors - Hector Ivan Paineo G., 30, accountant for Sportchil Company; wife, Anibeth Marjolen Leal S. de Paineo. Mauricio Ernesto Valenzuela C., 28, clerk for Isapre Banmedica; wife, Isabel Margarita Miranda D. de Valenzuela.

SEOUL KOREA DONG DAE MUN STAKE: (Sept. 6, 1998) President - Seungju Son, 52, business department director for Seunghan Son, succeeding Man Goo Cho; wife, Namsoon Park Son. Counselors - Young Chul Bae, 36, employed by National Yosu University; wife, Young Sook Jeon Bae. Jong-Chan Choe, 37, high school teacher at Chongdam High School; wife, Eun-Young Na Choe.

SEOUL KOREA KANG SEO STAKE: (Sept. 6, 1998) President - Jung Kwon Kil, 42, coordinator for Church Educational System, succeeding Doo Sung Kim; wife, Young Hee Kim Kil. Counselors - Kwang Joon Lee, 45, teacher; wife, Jeong Sook Jeong Lee. Ho Sang Lee, 41, real estate supervisor for Church administration office; wife, Jeong Ok Lee Lee.

TAICHUNG TAIWAN STAKE: (June 14, 1998) President - Wen Tsung Chou, retained. Counselors - Jui Chang Juan, retained. Li-Ren Wang, mathematics teacher; wife, Maikuei Chen Wang.

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