Spotlight on historical sites: Cove Fort

Cove Fort Historical Site, located between the communities of Fillmore and Beaver just off Interstate 15 in central Utah, was constructed in 1867 as a way station for travelers along the "Mormon corridor" through Utah. It was built under the direction of Ira Hinckley, grandfather of President Gordon B. Hinckley.

The fort bustled with activity in those early days. "It was not isolation to be at the fort," Ira Hinckley's daughter, Luna, once said. Evening conversation was lively around the long table where each night new visitors joined the Hinckley family for dinner."Cove Fort was never used for offensive or defensive purposes, but became a place of service," said Elder Rowayne Andersen, director at the site. "It is still a place of service today," where an average of 100,000 visitors tour the 11-acre complex each year.

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