Members' mission is to put hands to net, bring in others

In his address at the October 1986 general conference, Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin of the Quorum of the Twelve spoke of having traveled to Ghana in West Africa where the Church was growing rapidly and was on solid footing.

Elder Wirthlin described the scene as he traveled to Cape Coast:"As the sun was setting, we saw a large crowd of villagers. Young, and old, and middle-aged all were pulling on a huge net and drawing it out of the water. We stopped and inquired about what they were doing. They were pulling in the fish caught that day. In the net were large and small fish of many kinds. Each villager put his hands to the net to help bring in the catch. The thought ran through my mind of the gathering of Israel in the last days as referred to in Jeremiah. The Lord said, `I will send for many fishers, . . . and they shall fish them.' (Jer. 16:16.)

"That, brethren and sisters, is the mission of all of us as members of the Church: to put our hands on the net and pull in thousands of fine men and women who are searching for the truth. . . .

"The gospel of Jesus Christ is more enduring than fame, more precious than riches, more to be desired than happiness. Understanding and living the gospel leads to the possession of a Christlike character. The aim of each of us is to live a great and exemplary life. A noble character is needed especially in this age when evil is rampant. I should like to caution our youth to live the gospel, develop strong character, and not indulge in those things that deviate from righteousness.

"Our Heavenly Father has endowed us with hearts of courage and faith, with strong wills, and with the ability to understand and to see clearly the difference between right and wrong. He has mercifully clothed us, each member, with the gift of the Holy Ghost, which gives us insight and personal power."

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