Spotlight on historical sites


In the early 1800s, Aphek Woodruff and his wife, Beulah, bought a flour mill built on a stream in Farmington, Conn. Here, they joined the Church. Here, they raised their family, including Wilford who would become the fourth president of the Church.

Aphek was not a wealthy man, but used his farm for collateral to help others get loans. When they failed to pay their debts, however, he had to sell his farm. He eventually moved west with the Church.

Over time, the home was burned and the mill fell into disrepair. The property is now owned by a private boys school.

In the next several months, the Hartford Connecticut Stake will dedicate a memorial marker to commemorate this prophet's birthplace. The plaque and stone marker will be located in a public park about three quarters of a mile east of the site in Avon, Conn.

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