All scripture styles now at distribution center

All styles of LDS editions of the scriptures printed in English are now available through the Salt Lake Distribution Center.

A recent letter from the Office of the Presiding Bishopric to local priesthood leaders explained: "In an effort to provide members with scriptures at the most economical prices, the Salt Lake Distribution Center now offers all styles of scriptures printed in English including quadruple combinations and deluxe styles."The letter, however, adds that commercial bookstores will continue to carry LDS editions of the scriptures. Kay Briggs, director of Church Printing Services, which includes distribution, emphasized: "We appreciate the

operators of commercial bookstoresT who made these books available and continue to make them available to Saints around the world."

Continuing, Brother Briggs explained that those with little or no contact with commercial bookstores that carry LDS scriptures will benefit from being able to simply contact Church distribution.

"Many had to write `Grandma' or somebody in Salt Lake to obtain the books. Now these books can come through their ward library or the bishopric or they can order them individually. They can pick up the telephone and call Salt Lake distribution and the books will be shipped with no cost of freight."

Salt Lake Distribution also provides name embossing, he added.

To place orders or for further information, call (800) 537-5971 in the United States or Canada or 240-3800 in the Salt Lake City area. Or, interested persons can write the Salt Lake Distribution Center at 1999 W. 1700 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104-4233.

For orders outside the United States or Canada, members should contact their local distribution center.

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