'Welcome aid' for Young Women leaders

A new Young Women resource guide, designed to supplement the Young Women Manual 3 to be used in 1999, will soon be shipped to stakes, wards and branches throughout the Church.

The "Young Women Resource Guide 1999," according to a Dec. 11, 1998, notice to General Authorities, Area Authority Seventies and local Church leaders from the Priesthood Department, "includes an index of current Church magazine articles and other materials that can be used to update and enrich Sunday lessons.

"It also includes a message to leaders and advisers from the Young Women general presidency and additional instruction concerning the Young Women program," the letter continued.

The resource guide, which will be produced annually so as to keep current the index of resources, also contains information on the General Young Women Meeting scheduled for March 27, 1999. References in the index are chosen from recent general conference addresses, Church publications and other publications such as "For the Strength of Youth" and "The Family: A Proclamation to the World."

"We're grateful to have this new resource guide to use in updating the Young Women lesson manual," Young Women Gen. Pres. Margaret D. Nadauld explained. "This will be a welcome aid for teachers as they seek current Church-approved articles, quotes and stories to enrich their lessons."

Sister Nadauld and her counselors in the Young Women general presidency, Carol B. Thomas and Sharon G. Larsen, feel strongly about seeking the Spirit as teachers apply and teach the principles explained in Young Women lessons and expounded upon in resource materials. In the message from the Young Women general presidency in the resource guide, teachers and advisers are admonished, "As you seek the companionship of the Holy Ghost, you will be guided in your calling and be able to influence the young women to make decisions based on righteous principles and eternal consequences."

Additional copies of the new "Young Women Resource Guide 1999" are available at no charge at Church distribution centers. The catalog number is 99390.

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