Church News online subscription available

With significant postal increases for the print edition of the Church News in many countries, subscribers in these countries are reminded that online subscriptions to the Church News are available via the Internet.

To subscribe to the online-only edition, personal computer users can access the Web site at and follow the directions given for subscribing. A major credit card is required.

With an online subscription, overseas readers can have immediate access to the Church News at the same rate as subscribers in the United States and Canada. Outside of Utah this is $20 a year (U.S. currency) as of Jan. 1. (In Utah, the Church News is an integral part of the Saturday Deseret News.)

The weekly publication has been available online for three years, but with significant postal increases for the print edition of the Church News in many countries, "it makes a lot of sense for a lot of people to subscribe to the Church News online-only edition," said Stewart Shelline, director of New Media for the Deseret News, which publishes the Church News.

In E-mail messages, readers outside the United States have lauded the usefulness of the Church News as they receive it via the Internet.

One subscriber wrote:

"I just wanted you to know how good it is to be able to obtain the full texts of talks of General Authorities and other prominent leaders. We Saints who do not receive the satellite broadcasts which bless the lives of the Saints in North and Central America have often read brief summaries in the Church News and would have wanted to read more. The Internet edition of Church News is the answer to our prayers."

Douglas Osborn, customer services manager for the Web edition, said the online subscriptions are particularly helpful in international areas, many of which are remote, such as the in the Outback of Australia.

"Those members of the Church who live in the Outback receive their mail three or four times a year by a mail drop. I have been told on several occasions that it is due to the Church News Web edition and the satellite links that keeps the Outback members so close to the Church," Osborn said.

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