Spotlight on historical sites


The cabin of Joseph Barton is the last vestige of the pioneer settlers who descended through the Hole in the Rock in 1879 to cross the Colorado River and settle in present-day Bluff in southeastern Utah.

The cabin in Bluff was one of approximately 30 built by the settlers who had been called to leave their homes in the Cedar City, Utah, area to settle in southeastern Utah. They were tired and out of food when they reached the area. Here they divided lots and built cabins in a fort-like configuration.

Through the years, time and weather have destroyed the other cabins. This past summer, a group of descendants of Hole in the Rock pioneers and other interested people helped restore one room of the Barton cabin by rebuilding the roof and replacing the rotted logs.

The cabin, located east of the post office in Bluff on Highway 191, is open to visitors.

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