First Presidency messages in non-English languages are available at Distribution

Messages from the First Presidency and visiting teaching messages in approved non-English versions are available through the Salt Lake Distribution Center or through local distribution centers outside the United States.

"The goal of the Church is to get into the hands of each member the prophet's messages on a timely basis," said Kay W. Briggs, director of Church Printing Services. That is why the Church has distribution centers in many countries, he said, "[where] members can acquire materials the prophet feels are important to have in the home."

Order forms from the Salt Lake Distribution Center list the non-English versions of the First Presidency and visiting teaching messages and the particular months in which they are available. For example, messages are offered in Indonesian and Thai six times a year. The other six months, the messages are available in the Indonesian and Thai editions of the Liahona which are published bimonthly. Messages are available every month of the year in 31 languages for which there is no Church magazine.

Unit leaders are responsible for ordering enough language copies of the First Presidency message and visiting teaching messages to provide one for each household where the language is spoken. Unit leaders also distribute the messages.

To order the messages inside the United States and Canada, unit leaders should write the Salt Lake Distribution Center, 1999 West 1700 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104-4233 or telephone 1-800-537-5971. No back-orders are available. For orders outside the United States or Canada, contact local distribution centers.

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