New stake presidencies

The Santiago Chile Olimpo Stake has been created by Elder Jerald Lynn Taylor of the Seventy. The new stake includes the Cuatro Poniente, Las Naciones, Lo Infante, Los Heroes and Nueva Sant Martin wards.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil, England and Mexico, and in Idaho.


SANTIAGO CHILE OLIMPO STAKE: (Nov. 22, 1998) Created from the Santiago Chile Maipu Stake. President — Alberto Octavio Gonzalez G., 33, self-employed in public transportation; wife, Katia Ximena Oyarzun P. de Gonzalez. Counselors — Ricardo Patricio Barrientos M., 43, business executive of Trenzados Industriales; wife, Marta Janet Fischer P. de Barrientos. Raul Andres Bilbao J., 42, Church gardener; wife, Maria Isabel Barrenechea B. de Bilbao.


ASHTON IDAHO STAKE: (Nov. 22, 1998) President — Dee M. Reynolds, 56, general manager of Fall River Rural Electric, succeeding P. Ross Wynn; wife, Nikki Irene Worrell Reynolds. Counselors — Kenneth E. Curtis, 62, self-employed contractor; wife, Doreene Henderson Curtis. Blair W. Dance, 46, vice president and manager of Bank of Eastern Idaho; wife, Laurie Jo Nield Dance.

CHIHUAHUA MEXICO TECNOLOGICO STAKE: (Nov. 15, 1998) President — Arturo Rojas G., 47, materials manager of Stationery of Chihuahua, succeeding Arturo Galindo Rubalcava; wife, Consuelo Enedina Jimenez P. de Rojas. Counselors — Jose Alfredo Flores M., 40, physician; wife, Lidia Aguilar E. de Flores. Luis Edgardo Juarez H., 31, administrator and owner of Plastimoldes; wife, Alma Delia Valdez P. de Juarez.

LIVRAMENTO BRAZIL STAKE: (Nov. 1, 1998) President — Dirnei Goncalves Bermann, 49, owner of Automotive Parts & Accessories, succeeding Odotte Dias Fernandes Filho; wife, Ana Maria Machado Bermann. Counselors — Robson Marcanth Medeiros, retained. Ormesindo Correa Mello, 67, retired; wife, Mary Ester Profumo Mello.

MAZATLAN MEXICO STAKE: (Nov. 22, 1998) President — Daniel Tirado C., 33, professor at Occidente University, succeeding Jorge Alberto Holcombo Isunza; wife, Alba Gabriela Olea V. de Tirado. Counselors — Alfonso Flippini A., 50, instructor at the Mazatlan Nautical School; wife, Griselda Calderon L. de Flippini. Olimpo Cienfuegos P., 26, regional supervisor for Danomex; wife, Lesem Flores A. de Cienfuegos.

NORWICH ENGLAND STAKE: (Nov. 22, 1998) President — Lawrence Mark Vingoe, 41, general manager of Mars UK Ltd., succeeding Michael Leslie Peel; wife, Michelle Janette Barton Vingoe. Counselors — Stephen Jon Butcher, 37, national development manager of Ford & Sons; wife, Joy Diana Barber Butcher. Michael Colin Drewery, 34, branch manager of Howards Surveyor/Estate Agents; wife, Julie Frances Gook Drewery.

RECIFE BRAZIL BOA VIAGEM STAKE: (Nov. 1, 1998) President — Mozart Bandeira Soares, 37, general manager of operations of Safra Bank SA, succeeding Luiz Pedro Rodriguez de Oviveira Neto; wife, Roxana De Medeiros Armstrong Soares. Counselors — Marcus Silva Varjao, 38, manager of Bandeirantes Bank CGD; wife, Clara Aparecida Luna Varjao. Benjamin Rodrigues Braga Jr., 34, assessor director of Lundgren Group; wife, Christiana Silva Santos Braga.

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