What we did: Enhancing our temple worship


I suggest the following:


The following four things seem to enhance our temple worship:

Personalize the individual for whom you are doing the work. As a historian, I have some idea of what was going on in different eras, and I try to imagine what the individual's role was in that time. — Gerald L. Fowles, McMinnville, Ore.


I have found by leaving my watch in the locker or not wearing it at all to the temple, I am more centered on what is happening. When I wore my watch, I was always thinking about things I needed to do when I got home and it pulled me out of the calm, peaceful and spiritual experience I was enjoying. Now I just let time take care of itself.

I am also careful of the jewelry I wear. I choose small pearl earrings and my wedding ring. Large jewelry, several rings, big hair clips are distracting to myself and others. — Phyllis Harward, Orem, Utah


If I prepare before I attend the temple, my temple worship is enhanced. Combined with prayer, fasting brings the Spirit and is a good way to prepare for temple worship. Scripture study helps, too.

Another thing I do to prepare for temple worship is to get my clothes ready and have my recommend handy before I leave to attend the temple. I try not to rush. Also, I try to be cheerful as I prepare to go to the temple so my family members will look toward temple worship as a positive experience. — Diana Eckersell Janson, Rexburg, Idaho


We enhance our temple worship by the following:

Making sure temple clothing and attire are as clean, neat and orderly as possible.

Putting our lives in order. This brings peace of mind and allows us to focus on the great eternal truths taught in the temple and the essential acts of service rendered in the temple.

Fasting and praying that the spirit of revelation will be there, appropriate to our current needs.

Inviting a friend to go with us, and leaving early enough so we are not rushed. Bringing a friend blesses another life, pleases the Savior, and invites His light and spirit. — Colin D. White, Honolulu, Hawaii


Go often to develop the temple habit. It can be a wonderful date. We just had to set a goal and stick with it. So many things can get in the way, but having this habit makes staying focused on eternal principles easier. — Gary B. Weiss, Mesa, Ariz.


I read Church publications and the scriptures on the day I plan to go to the temple. While driving, I think about spiritual aspects of life and the blessings I have. If I have a particular problem I am seeking an answer to, I meditate about possible solutions and ask for the Lord's guidance in the temple.

If I go on a work day, I use my lunch break to read a Church publication or to meditate. — Karen Silver, West Valley City, Utah


One way I make my temple worship meaningful is by focusing on the truth that the temple is the House of the Lord. To me the temple is a place where Satan has no power and where the gates of heaven are open to communicate and associate with Heavenly Father without any worldly influences or distractions. I go there not only to do vicarious work but also to be taught by the Lord. — Outi Way, Edmonton, Alberta

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