New stake presidencies

New stakes have been created in Brazil and Ecuador.

The Ponta Grossa Campos Gerais Stake, which includes the Dal Col, Jardim Florenca, Madureira, Ponta Grossa 2nd, Trinta E Um De Marco and Uvaranas wards, and the Castro and Jardim Esplanada branches, has been created by Elder J. Kent Jolley of the Seventy.The Quito Ecuador La Ofelia Stake, which includes the Cangahua, Carcelen, Carcelen Libre, Cotocollao, El Condado, La Ofelia, Prados Del Oeste and Pusuqui wards, has been created by Elder Richard J. Maynes of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Bolivia, Brazil and Ecuador, and in Idaho, Nevada and Utah.



PONTA GROSSA BRAZIL CAMPOS GERAIS STAKE: (Nov. 30, 1997) Created from the Ponta Grossa Brazil Parana Stake. President - Gilberto Pereira Lucas De Farias, 42, microfilm technician for Deseret Association; wife, Elizabeth Regina Streisky de Farias. Counselors - Danielson Samways, 32, self-employed merchant; wife, Andreia Manosso Samways. Vicente Gonzaga De Camargo, 37, self-employed salesman; wife, Margareth L. Aparecida Meschiari de Camargo.

QUITO ECUADOR LA OFELIA STAKE: (Jan. 25, 1998) Created from the Quito Ecuador Inaquito Stake. President - Olvin Enrique Mora B., 32, administrative assistant for Monserrate Stores; wife, Lenny Mirella Sornoza Z. de Mora. Counselors - Renzo Gilberto Baquerizo A., 33, productions manager for Boehringer Ingelheim; wife, Isabel Francisca Ortega S. de Baquerizo. Jose Luis Naranjo N., 30, systems manager for Incandes Group; wife, Ximena Alexandra Ulcoa L. de Naranjo.



COCHABAMBA BOLIVIA LOS ALAMOS STAKE: (Dec. 7, 1997) President - Jorge Aldunate P., 40, meteorologist manager for AASANA, succeeding Gustavo Guillermo Candia Ayala; wife, Trinidad Estela Paz L. de Aldunate. Counselors - Teofanes Oporto V., 67, teacher; wife, Marina Vargas A. de Oporto. Juan Enrigue Angulo A., 40, assistant buyer for CBI-IST; wife, Araru Nara Egido Z. de Angulo.

HENDERSON NEVADA LAKE MEAD STAKE: (Feb. 8, 1998) President - Randall Floyd Weed, 47, chief deputy in district attorney's office for Clark County Nevada, succeeding James B. Gibson; wife, Brenda May Weed. Counselors - James Joseph Cavalieri III, 44, deputy fire chief for Henderson Fire Department; wife, Lorna Irons Cavalieri. Gregg Mills Ripplinger, 42, surgeon for Southern Nevada Surgery Specialists; wife, Diane Ethelyn Peterson Ripplinger.

HYRUM UTAH NORTH STAKE: (Feb. 1, 1998) President - Ronald Dale Bliesner, 48, president of Keller-Bliesner Engineering, succeeding W. Dean Howard; wife, Jill Petersen Bliesner. Counselors - Gerald Louis Miller, 57, works in marketing for Sentec International; wife, Judith Ann Wright Miller. Steven Lee Stowers, 46, unit manager for Deseret Industries; wife, Carol Ryan Stowers.

IONA IDAHO STAKE: (Feb. 8, 1998) President - Lon Scott Huls, 46, owner and manager of Lon S. Huls Construction, succeeding Robert John Burtenshaw; wife, Kathryn Wadsworth Huls. Counselors - Dee LaFaun Johnson, 56, Bonneville High School seminary principal; wife, Christine Robbins Johnson. Jody Duane Denning, 43, self-employed well driller; wife, Donna Marie Reed Denning.

PONTA GROSSA BRAZIL STAKE (FORMERLY PONTA GROSSA BRAZIL PARANA STAKE): (Nov. 30, 1997) President - Jose Luiz Sauner, retained. Counselors - Daniel Samways, 60, self-employed home decorator; wife, Antonia Leni Wille de Samways. Arnaldo Goncalves De Freitas, 40, self-employed business owner; wife, Euenise B. Mayer de Freitas.

QUITO ECUADOR INAQUITO STAKE: (Jan. 25, 1998) President - Fernando Bolivar Aguirre Sosa, retained. Counselors - Oswaldo Guillermo Andrade Rivera, retained. Julio Anibal Angulo D., 30, technical representative for BASF (Alemana) AG; wife, Sariah Ines Flores T. de Angulo.

TWIN FALLS IDAHO STAKE: (Feb. 8, 1998) President - Brad Rolla Hobbs, 47, ophthalmologist, succeeding Monte B. Carlson; wife, Sandra Kay Petty Hobbs. Terry Calvin McCurdy, 48, vice president for Team America-West; wife, Judy Cheryl Menard McCurdy. Darrell Lee Heider, 51, owner and manager of Heiders Floor Service; wife, Janice Hadfield Heider.

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