Helping new members learn about Church's great legacy

Several stake missionaries in the Platte City Missouri Stake have a special assignment to work with new members of the Church. They attend all adult baptisms in the stake and welcome new members into the Church, said Ronald B. Stapley, stake president. During the next several months, stake missionaries will fellowship the new members by:

Helping them learn the Church's great legacy. Stake missionaries accompany new members to Church sites located nearby, such as those in Independence, Mo. They teach the members about Church history and the many sacrifices early Church members made. They instill in the new members the legacy that all Church members share - "so that the legacy will become a part of them," said Pres. Stapley.- Helping them work on their family history. The missionaries have a responsibility to take these new members and work with them to search and find family names and feel the spirit of Elijah, said Pres. Stapley.

Encouraging them to attend the temple. Stake missionaries inform new members of when and where temple preparation classes are being taught and encourage them to set a goal to attend the temple. They accompany the new members to the temple to do baptisms for the dead within three months after baptism, if the new members feel ready. They encourage new members to work toward taking out their own endowments and receiving the full blessings of the Church.

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