Service projects amount to myriad hours

Humanitarian service volunteers render countless hours of service in behalf of the Church. Several examples of the projects they have been involved in include:

Constructing two earthen water weirs - a dam in a stream to raise the water level or divert its flow - in the Mutota and Virira communities of Zimbabwe - where water was not available between April and September. The weirs have served 550 families, 5,500 head of cattle, and more than 4,700 small livestock.- Donating food, clothing, educational materials and medical supplies to the Sister of Mercy Mukuru Primary Schools in Nairobi, Kenya.

Providing a bred sow to families returning to their war-ravaged homes in Croatia. When the mother pigs gives birth to between eight to 12 piglets the families are to give two pigs each to two other families, providing them with a start at self-sufficiency.

Giving good-quality used clothing to the poor and needy populations of the Appalachian mountain region of West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee.

Providing 35 new mattresses, bedding and some replacement beds to an orphanage on the outskirts of Mexico City.

Teaching a vocational training program in the Dominican Republic.

Assisting with a breast cancer awareness program in Poland. A mammography machine and dedicated film processor were purchased by LDS Charities for the program.

Working with handicapped children in Yerevan, Armenia.

Teaching children and adults in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, how to read.

Teaching a speech pathology/audiology program and providing clinical supervision and testing at the National Institute of Hearing Handicapped in India.

Sponsoring a physical education program - primarily with children and educators associated with the local YMCA - in Madras, India.

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