New stake presidencies

Two new stakes have been created in Brazil.

The Curitiba Brazil Luz Stake, which includes the Araucaria, Estacao, Luz, Osvaldo Cruz, Parque Verde and Pinheirinho wards, has been created by Elder W. Craig Zwick of the Seventy.The Teresopolis Brazil Stake, which includes the Nova Friburgo, Paineira, Sao Pedro, Terespolis and Varzea wards, and the Bom Jardim, Olaria and Venda Nova branches, has been created by Elder J. Kent Jolley of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil, Chile, Korea, Samoa and in Arizona, California, Idaho and Utah.

New stakes

CURITIBA BRAZIL LUZ STAKE: (Feb. 15, 1998) Created from the Curitiba Brazil Novo Mundo and Curitiba Brazil Portao stakes. President - Luiz Antonio Cruzato, 55, supervisor for Ibratec; wife, Zilda Maria Mendes de Cruzato. Counselors - Aberonil Martins, 51, businessman and innkeeper; wife, Maria Sirlerie Vaz Martins. Luis Fernando Ogebowski, 26, partner for Arc Tools; wife, Denise Euridina Martins de Ogebowski.

TERESOPOLIS BRAZIL STAKE: (March 8, 1998) Created from the Petropolis Brazil and Rio De Janeiro Brazil Niteroi stakes. President - Valter Queiroz Pinheiro, 32, partner and director for V. G. News Distributors Publishers Ltd.; wife, Glenda Lima Martins de Pinheiro. Counselors - Jorge Severiano Hastenreiter, 48, works in personnel department for Teresopolis Town Hall; wife, Neusa Maria da Veiga Pinto de Hastenreiter. Antonio de Oliveira, 48, merchant; wife, Maria Eny Ribeiro-Cortuzio de Oliveira.

Stake reorganizations

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 14TH STAKE: (March 22, 1998) President - Robert L. Millet, 50, dean of religious education at BYU; succeeding Alan C. Ashton; wife, Shauna Sizemore Millet. Counselors - Brent L. Top, 44, associate dean of religious education and professor at BYU; wife, Wendy Lee Cope Top. Kenneth Lee Sorber, 42, vice president of sales for Netoria; wife, Kristy Nelson Sorber.

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVESRITY 16TH STAKE: (March 22, 1998) President - Van C. Gessel, 47, dean of the College of Humanities at BYU; succeeding Norman Nelson White; wife, Elizabeth Darley Gessel. Counselors - Terry Arthur Reid, 44, chief operating officer for Profile Media; wife, Maureen Snelson Reid. Jerry "W" Larson, 52, professor at BYU; wife, Janet Mitchell Larson.

CURITIBA BRAZIL NOVO MUNDO STAKE: (Feb. 15, 1998) President - Valdemiro Skraba, retained. Counselors - Gaspar Collet Pereira, 30, university professor; wife, Maria Neves de Oliveira Pereira. Mauro Norberto Quoos, 39, systems analyst for Sigma-Data Service; wife, Elisabete Schmaiske Quoos.

KUNA IDAHO STAKE: (March 8, 1998) President - James Edwin Hodges, 47, farmer; succeeding Kenneth Arthur Roetto; wife, Rita Kaye Yorgason Hodges. Counselors - DeLane A. Fullmer, 44, self-employed in insurance sales management; wife, Debera Jean Thomas Fullmer. Conrad G. Zeyer, 50, farmer; wife, Saundra Allen Zeyer.

PENAFLOR CHILE STAKE: (March 22, 1998) President - Hasgad Donoso V., 27, salesman; succeeding Jose Florentino Valencia Arratia; wife, Felisa Carina Perez C. de Donoso. Counselors - Jose Reyes A., 29, accountant for Church area office; wife, Germana Maria Fernandez L. de Reyes. Pedro Francisco Zapata R., 28, clerk for Ultramar; wife, Rita De Lourdes Simicich T. de Zapata.

PHOENIX ARIZONA NORTH STAKE: (March 15, 1998) President - Dan Ronald Morris, 59, attorney; succeeding Laurie Baker Craig; wife, Katherine Elaine Kelly Morris. Counselors - Wayne Chester Perkins, 58, president of Perkins Enterprises; wife, LaPrael Hatch Perkins. Scott Marvin Larson, 48, vice president of Amercan Engineering; wife, Laura Lee Carlson Larson.

SANTIAGO CHILE LOS MANANTIALS STAKE: (March 15, 1998) President - Servando Adrian Reyes A., 35, inspector for I. M. De Las Condes; succeeding Luis Arturo Inostroza Gomez; wife, Pilar Beatriz Ruiz G. de Reyes. Counselors - Segio

Rene Vergara T., 42, self-employed contractor; wife, Dina Esmerita Antris P. de Vergara. Jose Jesus Bobadilla T., 32, administrator for Copesa; wife, Ivonne Georgina Gonzalez S. de Bobadilla.

SAVAII SAMOA SOUTH STAKE: (March 15, 1998) President - Tuise Sefo, 36, overseer for Electric Power Corporation; succeeding Faauu Faaola Ah Chee; wife, Suluifaleese Talauega Sefo. Counselors - Ioane Tuipala Faumui, 46, business manager for Vaiola School; wife, Rosaline Maposua Faumui. Mokesi Logo Laulu, 40, farmer; wife, June Toleafoa Laulu.

TALCAHUANO CHILE STAKE: (March 8, 1998) President - Leonardo Devi Lopez M., 28, salesman and owner of Ideal S.A.; succeeding Francisco Aravena Donoso; wife, Gabriela Ximena Roa E. de Lopez. Counselors - Robinson Raul Jaramillo G., 42, petty officer for Chilean Navy; wife, Hortensia Del Carmen Pino R. de Jaramillo. Heraldo Humerto Dominguez M., 43, credit accounts agent for Credits and Investments Bank; wife, Eliana Del Carmen Villegas N. de Dominguez.

VICTORVILLE CALIFORNIA STAKE: (March 8, 1998) President - Dee Richins Edgeworth, 46, deputy district attorney for San Bernardino County; succeeding Robert Wayne Casady; wife, Nadine Lewis Edgeworth. Counselors - Steven Michael Buckhave, 39, science and math teacher for Victor Valley Union High School District; wife, Joyce Susan Ingrao Buckhave. Todd Anthone Larson, 36 emergency physician and director of emergency department for Apple Valley Emergency Physicians; wife, Dawn Lisa Rounds Larson.

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