New gospel teaching aids enhance learning

Two new products from the Church's Curriculum Department aid gospel teaching in the home and at Church, and are beneficial for all ages.

The new edition of Book of Mormon Stories and supplement to the Gospel Art Picture Kit are now available at Church distribution centers.Jeff Orr, a manager of curriculum planning and development in the Curriculum Department, told the Church News: "The whole purpose of the gospel art kit and the supplement is to enhance teaching. Teaching is one of the most important things any of us can be doing, whether in the home or at Church or any other setting. So we're providing additional pictures as well as those already in the art kit as a resource to teachers, to parents and to leaders.

"Pictures," Brother Orr added, "help us to visualize an event."

The Gospel Art Picture Kit was introduced to the Church in 1993 and originally included 104 pictures depicting events from the Old Testament, New Testament, the Book of Mormon and Church history. (Please see Aug. 21, 1993, Church News.) The supplement brings the number of pictures to 160 and includes a new index for the entire art kit.

A new feature on the backs of the new pictures is a one- to two-paragraph summary of the event illustrated.

Continuing, Brother Orr spoke of the new Book of Mormon Stories, which replaces the old Book of Mormon Reader. He explained that the new book contains entirely new art work and new text. It is also more extensive, he added.

The old Reader, for instance, had 25 chapters, while the new book has 54.

"The whole idea of the book is to bring the stories and all that is taught in the scriptures into the lives of all members," Brother Orr explained. Each story, he added, includes cross references to the actual scriptures.

In addition to being helpful for children, the book can be helpful to those with literacy challenges, Brother Orr added.

The purchase number for the $6 supplement to the art kit is #34740. Book of Mormon Stories, #35666, is $2.60.

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