New stake presidencies

Two new stakes have been created, in Kansas and Mexico.

The Derby Kansas Stake, which includes the Arkansas City, Augusta, Derby 1st 2nd and 3rd, Emporia, and Wichita 2nd, 3rd and 6th wards, and the Eureka Branch, has been created by Elder Kenneth Johnson of the Seventy.The Tizimin Mexico Stake, which includes the Tizimin 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Uayma, and Valladolid 1st and 2nd wards, and the Calotmul, Cenotillo, Espita and Temozon branches, has been created by Elder Carl B. Pratt of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil, Chile, England, Germany, Mexico, and in California and Oregon.



DERBY KANSAS STAKE: (March 8, 1998) Created from the Stillwater Oklahoma, Topeka Kansas, and Wichita Kansas stakes. President - Brent Edward Nelsen, 51, medical group commander for U.S. Air Force; wife, Karen Diane Branstetter Nelsen. Counselors - Paul Raymond Schulte, 37, teacher and coach; wife, Connie Jeanine Simmons Schulte. Timothy Frederick East, 35, superintendent of emergency preparedness for Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corp.; wife, Julie Diane Jones East.

TIZIMIN MEXICO STAKE: (March 1, 1998) Created from the Tizimin Mexico and Valladolid Mexico districts. President - Samuel Ayala P., 39, self-employed; wife, Anabel Rodrguez S. de Ayala. Counselors - Francisco Polanco L., 44, electrician for Federal Electrical Commission; wife, Lucy Maria Alcocer H. de Polanco. Francisco Solis T., 44, self-employed; wife Genny Araceli Gongora C. de Solis.



ANTOFAGASTA CHILE CALICHE STAKE: (March 1, 1998) President - Javier Alonso Ortiz L., 29, company manager; succeeding Juan Jesus Lee Olivares; wife, Jacqueline Ivon Correa G. de Ortiz. Counselors - Patricio Feliciano Carrasco P., 29, computer department assistant; wife, Sissi Elizabeth Cisterna V. de Carrasco. Oscar Eliseo Araya S., 36, supervisor for Ammon; wife, Libertad Mercedes Melo L. de Araya.

COLONIA DUBLAN MEXICO STAKE: (March 8, 1998) President - Victor Cerda V., 60, seminary director for Church Educational System; succeeding Carl Lavon Call; wife, Yolanda Ramon V. de Cerda. Counselors - Tony Jones, 46, self-employed; wife, Christine Lune Jones. Jaime Beltran T., 35, self-employed; wife, Hilda Valenzuela G. de Beltran.

DORTMUND GERMANY STAKE: (March 1, 1998) President - Wolfgang Georg Hiemer, 44, police officer; succeeding Gunter Duwe; wife, Ellen Erika Hahn Hiemer. Counselors - Uwe Spieler, social worker; wife, Cornelia Margaret Gatom Spieler. Hans Joachim Bruhn, 34, professor at Jugend Art School; wife, Valerie Ann Holland Bruhn.

HEMET CALIFORNIA STAKE: (March 1, 1998) President - Todd Alan Foutz, 39, accountant and partner of Pehl Foutz Foutz and Teegarden; succeeding R. Michael Duffin; wife, Debra Ruth Johnson Foutz. Counselors - Lindon Le Roy White, 56, managing agent for Beneficial Life Insurance; wife, Carol Ann Latimer White. Bruce Clyde Jones, 46, veterinarian; wife, Julie B. Blair Jones.

INGLEWOOD CALIFORNIA STAKE: (March 15, 1998) President - Richard Maurice Searle, 54, managing director of Citibank; succeeding Titus K. N. May; wife, Wynnette Lewis Searle. Counselors - William Scott Tanner, retained. Paul Grant Moncur, 54, assistant chief of Culver City Police Department; wife, Sibylle Bibiana Koder Moncur.

LEBANON OREGON STAKE: (March 15, 1998) President - Brent J. Wiest, 33, Target Stores distribution center general manager; succeeding Ross L. Christensen; wife, Heidi Lyn Schoenfeld Wiest. Counselors - Darcy Roy Winn, 46, self-employed building contractor; wife, Ilynn Atwood Winn. Danny Joe Bivens, 45, works in sales for Roberts Motor Co.; wife, Paula Luke Bivens.

LONDRINA BRAZIL STAKE: (Feb. 15, 1998) President - Alberto Toshio Oba, 34, physician and part owner of clinic; wife, Sueli Aparecida Maiotti Oba. Counselors - Joao Adalberto Pavanelo, 53, director of school; wife, Doraci de Castro Alexandria de Pavanelo. Carlos Alberto Do Silva Braga, 33, owner of Braga Representatives; wife, Nilde Maria Pirola Zavatini de Braga.

LOS MOCHIS MEXICO EL FUERTE STAKE: (Feb. 15, 1998) President - Alejandro Melecio C., 42, independent sales agent for real estate; succeeding Ezequiel Fernando Ramirez Quinones; wife, Dora Luz Figueroa A. de Melecio. Counselors - Martin Rafael Torres R., 37, school teacher; wife, Evelyn Bada B. de Torres. Jose Armando Aguilar P., 36, maintenance worker for Church Area office; wife, Reyna Gamez V. de Aguilar.

MAIDSTONE ENGLAND STAKE: (March 8, 1998) President - David M. Eaton, 46, marketing consultant for Business Advantage; succeeding Julian Ivor Jones; wife, Gail McCamley Eaton. Counselors - Gerald Arthur Freeman, 51, self-employed vocational trainer; wife, Janice Yvonne Chilton Freeman. Christopher Lloyd Turner, 44, managing director for Business Advantage; wife, Susan Slyman Turner.

PUERTO MONTT CHILE STAKE: (Feb. 15, 1998) President - Ruben Omar Alvarez Z., 34, production manager for Marine Harvest; succeeding Fernando Patricio Perez Del Valle; wife, Mirna Lorena Farias A. de Alvarez. Counselors - Sandro Gabriel Mardones Henriquez, retained. Dairiel Alan Walther O., 33, contractor; wife, Sonia Del Carmen Nichi O. de Walther.

SANTIAGO CHILE JAVIERA CARRERA STAKE: (March 1, 1998) President - Jorge Armando Munoz G., 47, salesman for Promit Plastigraf; succeeding Juan Ramon Rodriguez Guiterrez; wife, Maria Elsia Araya A. de Munoz. Counselors - Leonardo Salvador Rojas M., 27, accountant for Church Educational System; wife, Maria Soledad Rebolledo V. de Rojas. Jose Alberto Prieto G., 47, self-employed accountant; wife, Juany Caces F. de Prieto.

TALCAHUANO CHILE STAKE: (March 8, 1998) President - Leonardo Devi Lopez M., 28, salesman and owner of Ideal S.A.; succeeding Francisco Aravena Donoso; wife, Gabriela Ximena Roa E. de Lopez. Counselors - Robinson Raul Jaramillo G., 42, petty officer for Chilean Navy; wife, Hortensia Del Carmen Pino R. de Jaramillo. Heraldo Humerto Dominguez M., 43, credit accounts agent for Credits and Investments Bank; wife, Eliana Del Carmen Villegas N. de Dominguez.

VICTORVILLE CALIFORNIA STAKE: (March 8, 1998) President - Dee Richins Edgeworth, 46, deputy district attorney for San Bernardino County; succeeding Robert Wayne Casady; wife, Nadine Lewis Edgeworth. Counselors - Steven Michael Buckhave, 39, science and math teacher for Victor Valley Union High School District; wife, Joyce Susan Ingrao Buckhave. Todd Anthone Larson, 36, emergency physician and director of emergency department for Apple Valley Emergency Physicians; wife, Dawn Lisa Rounds Larson.

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