New stake presidencies

Four new stakes, including the sixth stake on the Ricks College campus in Rexburg, Idaho, have been created. Other new stakes have been created in Canada, Chile and Washington. They are:

The Grande Prairie Alberta Stake has been created by Elder Hugh W. Pinnock of the Seventy. The new stake includes the Dawson Creek, Fort St. John 1st and 2nd, and Grande Prairie 1st and 2nd wards, and the Chetwynd, Fairview, Grande Cache, High Prairie, Peace River, Tumbler Ridge and Valleyview branches.The Maple Valley Washington Stake, which includes the Buckley 1st and 2nd, Enumclaw 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Lake Wilderness and Maple Valley wards, has been created by Elder W. Eugene Hansen of the Presidency of the Seventy.

The Ricks College 6th Stake, which includes the Ricks College 13th, 20th, 24th, 28th, 30th, 32nd, 43rd, 53rd and 54th wards, has been created by Elder Harold G. Hillam of the Presidency of the Seventy.

The Santiago Chile San Joaquin Stake, which includes the Carlos Valdovino, Juan Griego, Las Flores, Las Industrias and Lilco wards, has been created by Elder Dallas N. Archibald of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Chile, and in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Tennessee and Utah.

New stakes

GRANDE PRAIRIE ALBERTA STAKE: (April 12, 1998) Created from the Grande Prairie Alberta District. President - Lennard R. Shaw, 46, business owner and building contractor; wife, Laurie Maureen Heath Shaw. Counselors - Richard A. Gilson, 39, high school vice principal; wife, Chauna Rae Pack Gilson. Ronald J. Peterson, 38, self-employed professional painter; wife, Sherry Lynn Moline Peterson.

MAPLE VALLEY WASHINGTON STAKE: (March 22, 1998) Created from the Auburn Washington and Renton Washington stakes. President - Larry J. Thomas, 55, president of Delta Technology; wife, Peggy Poulsen Thomas. Counselors - Leon J. Waldron, 41, configuration manager for Boeing; wife, Melodie Morgan Waldron. E. Wayne Winter, 50, civil engineer technician for U.S. Forest Service; wife, Judy Ann Harris Winter.

RICKS COLLEGE 6TH STAKE: (April 19, 1998) Created from the Ricks College 2nd, 3rd and 4th stakes. President - Jud Earl Miller, 50, physician at Student Health Center; wife, Mary Catherine Smith Miller. Counselors - Glen D. Leak, 53, branch manager and assistant vice president for Northwest Farm Credit Services; wife, Cheryl Kunzler Leak. Bruce E. Hobbs, 45, Ricks College purchasing manager; wife, Julia Dickerson Hobbs.

SANTIAGO CHILE SAN JOAQUIN STAKE: (April 19, 1998) Created from the Santiago Chile San Miguel and Santiago Chile Republica stakes. President - Nicanor Teuquil A., 40, accountant for Bancheque; wife, Margarita Lira S. de Teuquil. Counselors - Antonio Fernando Faundez M., 30, owner of package factory; wife, Andrea de Lourdes Castillo F. de Faundez. Leonardo Salazar B., 31, salesman for Embotelladora Andina; wife, Ximena Del Carmen Barahona B. de Salazar.

Stake reorganizations

ALTAMONT UTAH STAKE: (April 12, 1998) President - H. Dwayne Stevenson, 66, consultant; succeeding Laymon Robert Marshall III; wife, Carolyn Cottam Stevenson. Counselors - Curtis Lloyd Walker Jr., 58, owner and operator of ranch and construction company; wife, Peggy LaRue Ralphs Walker. Franklin Theodore Kappen, 65, Duchesne County commissioner; wife, Katie Elaine Jenkins Kappen.

DELTA UTAH WEST STAKE: (April 12, 1998) President - Dale H. Jensen, 47, teacher and farmer; succeeding Parley Waldo Warnick Jr.; wife, Marilyn Pihl Jensen. Counselors - Roger E. Killpack, 38, owner and pharmacist of Service Drug; wife, Barbara Petersen Killpack. Ray E. Lyman, 45, farmer and feedlot owner; wife, Colleen May Lyman.

FILLMORE UTAH STAKE: (April 19, 1998) President - Franklin T. Stevens, 52, self-employed cattle rancher; succeeding David Lee Christensen; wife, Faris Stevens Stevens. Counselors - John L. Hansen, 50, Millard County auditor; wife, Sharon Tipton Hansen. Alden Charles Robinson, 48, chief executive officer and principal engineer for Sunrise Engineering Inc.; wife, Brenda Peterson Robinson.

FLAGSTAFF ARIZONA STAKE: (April 26, 1998) President - K. Andrew Fox, 45, county manager for Transnation Title Insurance; succeeding Thomas L. Palmer; wife, Susan Louise Hyde Fox. Counselors - Karl E. Webb, 60, professor and dean at Northern Arizona University; wife, Deanna Gerber Webb. K. Mark Frost, 39, CPA for Frost & Palmer; wife, Mary Ruth McEven Frost.

GLENDALE ARIZONA STAKE: (April 12, 1998) President - James H. Westover, 59, director of operations for Bell Technologies; succeeding Raymond Sterling Kellis; wife, Madeline Sumsion Westover. Counselors - Franklin C. Forsberg, 53, partner of Tull Forsberg & Olson; wife, Diana Smith Forsberg. E. Gene Williams, 54, sales representative for Zellerbach Paper Co.; wife, Joyce Elaine James.

KINGSPORT TENNESSEE STAKE: (February 15, 1998) President - David Aaron Golden, 32, senior attorney for Eastman Chemical Company; succeeding Michael B. Mills; wife, Jennifer Marie Crookston Golden. Counselors - Ronald E. Miller, 47, self-employed insurance salesman,; wife, Linda Jean Acree Miller. Danny Lee Dunn, 43, CPA for Bill Gatton Chevrolet/Cadillac; wife, Jacqueline Oyston Dunn.

LAS VEGAS NEVADA REDROCK STAKE: (April 26, 1998) President - G. Mark Albright, 42, partner in law firm of Albright & Stoddard; succeeding Raymond D Rawson; wife, Karyn Wasden Albright. Counselors - Stephen L. Weston, 49, self-employed chiropractic physician; wife, Ranae Balls Weston. Blayne A. Ence, 42, regional investments manager for Bank of America; wife, Tracy Ann Moffitt Ence.

MC MINNVILLE TENNESSEE STAKE: (April 19, 1998) President - Wanas R. Martin, 50, principal of alternative school for Putnum County Board of Education; succeeding Gary Wayne Bradford; wife, Sandy D. Harris Martin. Counselors - David O. Day, 40, attorney and president of Day & Birdwell; wife, Vicki Temple Butler Day. Joe Thomas Moffitt, 51, supervisor of instruction for Van Buren County Board of Education; wife, Deborah Janet Hitchcock Moffit.

RICKS COLLEGE 2ND STAKE: (April 19, 1998) President - Roger B. Wright, 57, attorney; succeeding Douglas Steven Ladle; wife, Connie DeVon Porter Wright. Counselors - P. Scott Ferguson, 41, Ricks College faculty member; wife, Julie Ann Johnson Ferguson. Ted M. Erickson, 64, physics professor at Ricks College; wife, Elvira Swenson Erickson.

RICKS COLLEGE 5TH STAKE: (April 19, 1998) President - Donald C. Bird, retained. Counselors - Blair D. Pincock, 62, teacher at Ricks College; wife, Noreen Furness Pincock. Lane R. Archibald, 50, attorney and president and general counsel for Bonneville Land & Title Co.; wife, Nancy Joan Headings Archibald.

SANTIAGO CHILE REPUBLICA STAKE: (April 19, 1998) President - Diego Alonso Oyarzun B., 38, consultant for United Nations; succeeding Nicanor Teuquil Asencio; wife, Nelsa Ingrid Santana V. de Oyarzun. Counselors - Rene Rodrigo San Martin O., 31, sales manager for CS Engineering & Construction LTDA; wife, Yasmin Elizabeth Peralta M. de San Martin. Luis Humberto Ahumada M., 46, driving instructor for Automobile Club of Chile; wife, Carmen Del Pilar Pizarro B. de Ahumada.

SANTIAGO CHILE SAN MIGUEL STAKE: (April 19, 1998) President - Carlos Trevilcock M., 44, assistant director of business for city of San Miguel; succeeding Alexis Humberto Trejo Perez; wife, Patricia Ramirez V. de Trevilcock. Counselors - Christian Carlos Castro L., 40, head of inspection department for city of San Miguel; wife, Katherine Canales G. de Castro. Pedro Osvaldo Zapata H., 51, salesman for Sodimac; wife, Duvin Irene Rubilar E. de Zapata.

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