On the bright side

As missionaries serving in the Stockholm Sweden Temple, we have the opportunity to meet Latter-day Saints from all over the world - particularly from the northern countries that are in the temple district.

On one occasion a group from Latvia and the Baltic States came to spend a week at the temple. Among the group was a couple working in the Latvian Mission office - Royce and Deon Searle from Brigham City, Utah. We invited them for dinner and learned they are originally from Idaho Falls, Idaho. We are from Salmon, Idaho, so I asked her maiden name. "Bitter," she answered."Do you know Joseph Bitter?" I questioned.

"Yes, he was my grandfather," she said. To the great surprise of both us, I told her that he had married my grandmother. We concluded that we weren't truly related, though, because Grandma was 87 and Joseph was 94 when they married.

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