New stake presidencies

Four new stakes have been created, in Mexico and Utah.

The Cancun Mexico Kabah Stake, which includes the Coba, Kabah, Kukulcan, Labna, and Paraiso wards and the Isla De Mujeres branch, has been created by Elder Richard E. Turley Sr. of the Seventy.The Guadalajara Mexico Moctezuma Stake, which includes the Bugambilias, Colli, Las Aguilas, Moctezuma, and Primavera wards and the Estipac, Tizapan, and Tlajomulco branches, has been created by Elder Eran A. Call of the Seventy.

The Nuevo Laredo Mexico Stake, which includes the Buenavista, Hidalgo, Mirador, Victoria, and Viveros wards and the Anahuac branch, has been created by Elder Dale E. Miller of the Seventy.

The Salt Lake University 6th Stake, which includes the Salt Lake University 7th, 28th, 29th, 34th, 35th, and 38th wards, has been created by Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil and the Philippines, and in California, Colorado, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York and Utah.

New stakes

CANCUN MEXICO KABAH STAKE: (April 26, 1998) Created from the Cancun Mexico Stake. President - Victor Sebastian Roca G., 35, zone supervisor for Liconsa SA; wife, Sara Adriana Echeverria A. de Roca. Counselors - Macario Torres T., 33, credit manager for Guillesa International; wife, Maria Isabel Celio D. de Torres. Jose Daniel Wong B., 32, operations manager for Pizzaland; wife, Maria de Los Angeles Duran P. de Wong.

GUADALAJARA MEXICO MOCTEZUMA STAKE: (May 3, 1998) Created from the Guadalajara Mexico Victoria Stake. President - Americo Garcia S., 38, self-employed businessman; wife, Luisa Fernanda Caro P. de Garcia. Counselors - Ignacio Beruben H., 52, head of department on special technical surveys for H. Ayto De Guadalajara Municipal Public Works; wife, Esther Labibe Modad D. de Beruben. Alberto Eufragio T., 34, self-employed wholesaler of sports items; wife, Rosa Irene Gilabert A. de Eufragio.

NUEVO LAREDO MEXICO STAKE: (March 15, 1998) Created from the Nuevo Laredo Mexico District. President - Santiago Vazquez D., 33, self-employed merchant; wife, Blanaca Esthela Robles H. de Vazquez. Counselors - Elias Lara H., 43, self-employed contractor; wife, Juanita Lopez A. de Lara. Pedro Garcia C., 50, maintenance worker for Church; wife, Olga Leticia Villasana M. de Garcia.

SALT LAKE UNIVERSITY 6TH STAKE: (May 17, 1998) Created from the Salt Lake University 2nd and 5th stakes. President - H. Roger Boyer, 57, chairman of the Boyer Company; wife, Sara Rebecca Stohl Boyer. Counselors - Gerald G. Smith Jr., 57, retired buyer for ZCMI; wife, Carol Marie Ronnow Smith. Steven B. Ostler, 35, chief operating officer for the Boyer Company; wife, Ann Lee Taylor Ostler.

Stake reorganizations

ARVADA COLORADO STAKE: (May 17, 1998) President - Robert Moss Lewis, 51, self-employed investment banker; succeeding J. Brent Garfield; wife, Retta Renae Lewis. Counselors - Robert Terry Jensen, 55, vice president of traffic for NationsWay Transport; wife Marsha Lee Malm Jensen. Stephen Todd Rockwood, 35, vice president of Innovative Services of America; wife, Jill Ansley Forbes Rockwood.

BLOOMFIELD NEW MEXICO STAKE: (May 17, 1998) President - Stephen W. Carter, 45, information systems manager for Thriftway Marketing Corp.; succeeding Charles Cecil Spell; wife, Christine Ann LaPresti

Carter. Counselors - Ellvert H. Himes, 55, junior high school assistant principal; wife, Frances Kay Crockett Himes. Boyd Glen Lillywhite, 47, self-employed veterinarian; wife, Jaynana Bench Lillywhite.

BUFFALO NEW YORK STAKE: (May 17, 1998) President - Gary Scott Baughman, 51, president and chief executive officer for Fisher Price (Mattel); succeeding R. Brent Miner; wife, Marilyn Elizabeth Cundick Baughman. Counselors - David Woodward Jayme, 47, scientific director for Life Technologies Inc.; wife, Donna Lee Engstrom Jayme. Stephen James Free, 49, professor at State University of New York at Buffalo; wife, Maureen Gerber Free.

CHERRY HILL NEW JERSEY STAKE: (May 17, 1998) President - James Elvin Edwards, 43, account executive for Electronic Data Systems; succeeding Bertram Cannon Willis; wife, Katherine Irene McKenery Edwards. Counselors - Steven Alan Foulk, 38, owner and manager of Foulk's Service Inc.; wife, Jill Tucker Foulk. Ahmad Saleem Corbitt, 35, trial attorney for state of New Jersey; wife, Jayne L. Joslin Corbitt.

ESCONDIDO CALIFORNIA SOUTH STAKE: (May 17, 1998) President - David L. Evans, 46, vice president of Petco Animal Supplies; succeeding Louis L. Rothey; wife, Sandra Elizabeth Canales Evans. Counselors - Ted S. Jackman, 59, plant manager for Harborlite Corp.; wife, Sharon Ann Lockhart Jackman. Michael R. Dunham, 44, vice president of Irvine Apartment Communities; wife, Jo Dee Dusek Dunham.

MANDAUE PHILIPPINES STAKE: (April 19, 1998) President - Jairus Cinco Perez, 30, general manager for First Choice Lending Inv.; succeeding Cesar Abina Perez Jr.; wife, Jennipher Anino Ramirez Perez. Counselors - Mateo Espanta Lim, 43, self-employed businessman; wife, Nimfa Dichos Lepajan Lim. Richard Nixon Camposagrado Gomez, 29, self-employed real estate broker for Dominus Asia Realty and managing consultant for Frigo International Consultants; wife, Maria Carlota Garcia Revillo Gomez.

PONTA GROSSA BRAZIL CAMPOS GERAIS STAKE: (Nov. 30, 1997) President - Vicente Gonzaga de Camargo, 37, self-employed salesman; succeeding Gilberto Pereira Lucas De Farias; wife, Marogareth Aparecida Mexhian de Campargo. Counselors - Danielson Samways, retained. Pedro Luiz Stauski, 32, manager for P.L.S. Services; wife, Arlete Ferreira Lima.

SALT LAKE BUTLER WEST STAKE: (May 17, 1998) President - Gregory Allan Schwitzer, 50, vice president of clinical support for Intermountain Health Care; succeeding LeGrand R. Curtis Jr.; wife, JoAnn Elizabeth Rawsthorne Schwitzer. Counselors - Denney Lockman Berrett, 50, elementary principal in Jordan School District; wife, Lorene Mangum Berrett. L. Carvel Whiting, 59, assistant vice president of information systems for Intermountain Health Care; wife, Betty Luella Masten Whiting.

SALT LAKE UNIVERSITY 5TH STAKE: (May 17, 1998) President - William H. Nelson, 52, president of Intermountain Health Care; succeeding Kem C. Gardner; wife, Christine Miles Nelson. Counselors - Walter J. Plumb, 52, attorney-developer for Plumb & Dalton; wife, Peggy Sonntag Plumb. Jerry D. Fenn, 42, owner of and attorney with Blackburn & Stoll; wife, Sara Jill McConkie Fenn.

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