New stake presidencies

A new stake has been created in Peru by Elder Francisco J. Vinas of the Seventy. The Trujillo Peru Porvenir Stake includes the Centenario, El Porvenir, La Rinconada, Laredo, Los Jazmines, Progreso and Razuri wards.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil, England, Honduras, Peru and Samoa, and in California, Colorado, Illinois, Utah and West Virginia.

New stake

TRUJILLO PERU PORVENIR STAKE: (April 19, 1998) Created from the Trujillo Peru East Stake. President - Wilson Americo Moreno U., 36, teacher; wife, Sara Mery Regalado D. de Moreno. Counselors - Jose Antonio Chavez D., 33, self-employed merchant; wife, Maria Elena Gonzales M. de Chavez. Victor Loyola S., 38, consultant; wife, Felicita Rocio Cisneros C. de Loyola.

Stake reorganizations

CHARLESTON WEST VIRGINIA STAKE: (May 3, 1998) President - Mark Alan Atkinson, 41, attorney and partner for Rose & Atkinson; succeeding Dennis Newman Emery; wife, V. Dawn Gibson Atkinson. Counselors - E. Reed Heywood, 58, physician and chairman of OB-GYN Department at West Virginia University; wife, Eleanor Grimshaw Heywood. Clark Curtis Williams, 37, chemical engineer for Union Carbide Corp.; wife, Carol Chipman Williams.

HUANUCO PERU STAKE: (May 3, 1998) President - Jose Octavio Montoya R., 37, labor inspector for city of Huanuco; succeeding Carlos Almeida Huaman; wife, Hilda Flor Cadillo C. de Montoya. Counselors - Paulino Perez R., 53, self-employed legal representative; wife, Maxila Chevez A. de Perez. Mirko Amilo Sanchez A., 26, administrator; wife, Roxana Emilia Parra P. de Sanchez.

LOGAN UTAH UNIVERSITY 4TH STAKE: (May 3, 1998) President - Leon J. Holland, 50, real estate appraiser for Holland Appraisal Service; succeeding Glen E. Stringham; wife, Marilynn Bezzant Holland. Counselors - Steven R. Broadbent, 51, business manager of Cooperative Extension for Utah State University; wife, Janet Lyn Balls Broadbent. Brent C. Miller, 51, professor and head of Family and Human Development Department at Utah State University; wife, Kevon Costley Miller.

PEORIA ILLINOIS STAKE: (April 19, 1998) President - Carlyle S. Dawson, 54, manager of manufacturing services for General Electric; succeeding Lawrence Theodore Dahl Jr.; wife, Janet Louise Taylor Dawson. Counselors - Eugene Charles Lorch, 55, plant manager for Selbert Inc.; wife, Margaret Melody Robbins Lorch. Kent Lee Huntsman, 36, executive director of development for Bradley University; wife, Linde Le Edgington Huntsman.

RIBEIRAO PIRES BRAZIL STAKE: (April 26, 1998) President - Jose Carlos Ferreira, 52, taxi driver; succeeding Antonio Roberto Pagani; wife, Maria Julia Silva de Ferreira. Mauro Beraldo, 35, supervisor of goods for Deseret Association; wife, Rosandre Lushano Beraldo. Gilberto Teofilo M. Silva, 41, self-employed; wife, Tania Santana Silva.

SALT LAKE UNIVERSITY 3RD STAKE: (May 3, 1998) President - David R. Wolfgramm, 47, chief financial officer for Ivory Homes; succeeding David B. Wirthlin; wife, Sue Gardiner Wolfgramm. Counselors - Randall L. Ridd, 47, president of Golder Corporation; wife, Tamina Roark Ridd. Kevin S. Cahoon, 46, dentist and president of Talbert Dental Group; wife, Jeri Lynn Jesperson Cahoon.

SAVAII SAMOA STAKE: (April 26, 1998) President - Tuifagalilo Tonumaipea, 44, bus driver for Vaiola School; succeeding David Alexander Mariner; wife, Lupelele Matuauto Tonumaipea. Counsel

ors- Taugauli Mariner, 42, driver for Public Works Department; wife, Faate`a Papalii Mariner. Viti Lauano Vui, 30, self-employed farmer and taxi driver; wife, Faifaiese Falefatu Vui.

SIMI VALLEY CALIFORNIA STAKE: (May 3, 1998) President - Norman J. Barlow, 54, director and teacher for Church Educational System; succeeding Don Russell Moberly; wife, Loreen Dee Jones Barlow. Counselors - Raymond Neil Metcalf, 50, vice president of business development for Country Villa Health Services; wife, Louise Annette Raiser Metcalf. Anthony H. Harper, 46, Simi Valley Police Department captain; wife, Margo Rigby Harper.

TEGUCIGALPA HONDURAS LA ESPERANZA STAKE: (May 3, 1998) President - German Laboriel G., 40, general manager of Capitel Construction; succeeding Jose Beningo Trimino Rodriguez; wife, Lourde Patricia Espinal De Laboriel. Counselors - Magdaleno Reyes H., 41, technician; wife, Bertha Nuvia Robles G. de Reyes. Oscar Miguel Hernandez A., 35, assistant supervisor of repair shop; wife, Auristela Nunez E. de Hernandez.

WATFORD ENGLAND STAKE: (May 3, 1998) President - Andrew R. Hill, 41, associate director of W. T. Hills Ltd.; succeeding Michael J. Plant; wife, Linda Joy Cripps Hill. Counselors - Chow Wai Siu, retained. Richard Richardson, 49, engineer for H. M. Prison Service; wife, Fay Sunderland Richardson.

WILLOW CREEK COLORADO STAKE: (May 3, 1998) President - David Abbott Jenkins, 48, portfolio analysis manager for CoBank; succeeding Dennis C. Brimhall; wife, Paula Leigh Smith Jenkins. Counselors - Steven L. Harris, 52, account manager for Michelin Tire Corp.; wife, Kristine Kimball Harris. Mitchell A. Chesney, 46, president of Denver Reserve Corp.; wife, Joyce Maxfield Chesney.

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