New stake presidencies

Five new stakes have been created, two in Panama and one each in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Washington.

Elder Julio E. Alvarado of the Seventy has created the San Isidro Panama Stake and the Tocumen Panama Stake in Panama.The San Isidro stake includes the Cerro Batea, Fatima, Los Andes, San Isidro, Santa Librad and Torrijos Carter wards, and the El Valle and Las Colinas branches. The Tocumen stake includes the Cabuya, Las Mananitas 1st, Pedregal 1st, Tocumen and Veinticuatro De Diciembre wards, and Bello Horizonte, Nueva Esperanza, Palmas Bellas and Pedregal 2nd branches.

The Aguascalientes Mexico Jardines Stake, which includes the Aguascalientes, Boulevares, Jardines, Morelos and Ojocaliente wards, has been created by Elder Eran A. Call of the Seventy.

The Toa Baja Puerto Rico Stake, which includes the Bayamon 1st and 2nd, Caparra, Levittown, Toa Baja 1st and 2nd, and Vega Baja wards, has been created by Elder Loren C. Dunn of the Seventy.

The Vancouver Washington East Stake, which includes the Fairway Village, Fishers Landing, Lacamas Creek, Mount Norway, Mountain View, Parkers Landing and Prune Hill wards, has been created by Elder Glenn L. Pace of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Chile, Hong Kong, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Switzerland, and in California, North Carolina, Missouri, Ohio and Washington.



AGUASCALIENTES MEXICO JARDINES STAKE: (May 31, 1998) Created from the Aguascalientes Mexico Stake. President - Daniel Cordova E., 30, self-employed manager and administrator for San Marcos Graphics; wife, Teresa Romero C. de Cordova. Counselors - Adolfo Portillo C., 56, retired; wife, Maria Teresa Castillo O. de Portilla. Sergio Gonzalez D., 25, public transportation dealer; wife, Nereyda Isabel Landaverde B. de Gonzalez.

SAN ISIDRO PANAMA STAKE: (May 17, 1998) Created from the San Miguelito Panama Stake. President - Juan Bautista Reyes O., 33, owner of AAFES Company; wife, Marietta Guerrero C. de Reyes. Counselors - Clodomiro E. Bernal G., 45, police officer; wife, Yazmin Gabriela Hurtado C. de Bernal. Jose Guillermo Hurtado R., 52, self-employed mechanic; wife, Ana Mercedes Reyes R. de Hurtado.

TOA BAJA PUERTO RICO STAKE: (June 7, 1998) Created from the Toa Baja Puerto Rico District. President - Jorge Miguel Alvarado, 27, district sales manager for State Chemical; wife, Cari Rios Blanco S. de Alvarado. Counselors - Jose Orlando Moreno M., 47, manager for Church area office; wife, Bounilda Diaz C. de Moreno. Hector E. Alvarez N., 35, coordinator for Church Educational System.

TOCUMEN PANAMA STAKE: (May 17, 1998) Created from the Panama City Panama Stake and the Tocumen Panama District. President - Eliezer Navarro O., 37, self-employed merchant; wife, Lourdes Gisela Porras L. de Navarro. Counselors - Humberto Caballero G., 52, internal auditor for government; wife, Lucinda Medina Moises C. de Caballero. Estaylin Rubio H., 42, clerk at Boston Bank N.A.; wife, Gladys Elizabeth Polanco G. de Rubio.

VANCOUVER WASHINGTON EAST STAKE: (May 18, 1998) Created from the Vancouver Washington Stake. President - Thomas H. Jensen, 40, president and owner of Jentronix Computer Cable Systems Inc.; wife, Kathleen Ann Billett Jensen. Counselors - Todd L. Russell, 44, project manager for Hewlett Packard; wife, Nancy Maureen Pearce Russell. Ron L. Lowder, 46, financial reporting manager for PacifiCorp; wife, Leann Hansen Lowder.



AGUASCALIENTES MEXICO STAKE: (May 31, 1998) President - Alejandro Negrete Ponce, retained. Counselors - Pedro Ganzalez Heredia, retained. Francisco Javier Rosales M., 40, computer science teacher; wife, Elvia Rosas P. de Rosales.

BERN SWITZERLAND STAKE: (May 31, 1998) President - Louis Weidmann, 45, chief finance officer for Microtin AG; succeeding Paul Meier; wife, Esther Margreth Lauener Weidmann. Counselors - Ralf E. Windhausen, 32, bank officer; wife, Susanne Monina Kleiner Windhausen. Alfred Schwendener, 46, project manager for ABB Industries AG.; wife, Francoise Riva Schwendener.

DAYTON OHIO STAKE: (May 31, 1998) President - G. Tracy Williams, 53, city manager for West Carrollton, Ohio; succeeding Lee E. Christensen; wife, Karen L. Sherwood Williams. Counselors - Dennis C. Leavitt, 48, area manager for Unishippers; wife, Maura Wallgren Leavitt. Ricardo Valencia Jr., 35, publishing sales manager for Folio Corp./Open Market Inc.; wife, Elizabeth Rae Radke Valencia.

GOLDSBORO NORTH CAROLINA STAKE: (June 7, 1998) President - J. Avis Hamilton, 58, manufacturing engineer Eaton Corp.; succeeding Lee S. West; wife, Joyce Creech Hamilton. Counselors - J. Horace Mizelle, 61, salesman for Carolina Fuel Injection; wife, Linda Faye Hill Mizelle. Douglas L. Wiggins Jr., 35, president of Metal Master; wife, Manon Marie Parent Wiggins.

GUADALAJARA MEXICO VICTORIA STAKE: (May 3, 1998) President - Luis Ruben Castrejon Bonilla, retained. Counselors - Jose De Jesus Covarrubias A., 40, Church area office employee; wife, Silvia Alvarez N. de Covarrubias. Juan Daniel Barragan V., 43, shop manager for Rivial Products; wife, Magdalena Peza S. de Barragan.

HONG KONG ISLAND STAKE: (March 22, 1998) President - Siu Hong Pon, 40, finance manager for Church area office; succeeding Wai Man Tse; wife, Cindy King Wai Chiu Pon. Counselors - Shiu Pui Christopher Tong, 37, teacher at Hong Kong Baptist University; wife, Yuk Ming Chan Tong. Yu Ning Lai, 50, principal officer for government correctional services department; wife, Wai Han Mok Lai.

KANSAS CITY MISSOURI STAKE: (May 31, 1998) President - Thomas W. Brailsford, 50, research manager for Hallmark Cards Inc.; succeeding Gordon D. Goodman; wife, Joanne Lemmon Brailsford. Counselors - Jon K. Patterson, 51, vice president of management information systems for The Rival Company; wife, Sharon Lee Dishong Patterson. Gerald W. Furnell, 45, managing partner and attorney of Gerald W. Furnell; wife, Cherlyn Marie Ballard Furnell.

LA CHORRERA PANAMA STAKE: (May 17, 1998) President - Javier Brandaris V., 33, cashier for Bancafe; succeeding Jose Manuel Martinez Hernandez; wife, Marta Judith Pitti de Brandaris. Counselors - Johnny Ruiz B., 34, operations and maintenance supervisor for service office; wife, Ileana Raquel Agudo B. de Ruiz. Julio Cesar Rodriguez R., 28, self-employed merchant; wife, Mireya Caballero G. de Rodriguez.

NAPA CALIFORNIA STAKE: (May 31, 1998) President - David Eugene Brown, 57, Napa Valley school superintendent; succeeding John F. Olson; wife, Ilse Maria Kurtovich Brown. Counselors - Shaun Michael Oborn, 34, software engineer for Pixar; wife, Lorna Peterson Oborn. Clifford Paul Morgan, 35, partner and owner of Level; wife, Lisa Ann Egbert Morgan.

PANAMA CITY PANAMA STAKE: (May 17, 1998) President - Rene A. Martinez N., 34, Church Educational System coordinator; succeeding Hugo Abelardo Lopez Murray; wife, Missette Irene Quesada Q. de Martinez. Counselors - David Lloyd Church, retained. Leopoldo Aponte M., 31, employed in office of collections for El Sal Financial; wife, Ivone Itzel De Arco S. de Aponte.

SAN MIGUELITO PANAMA STAKE: (May 17, 1998) President - Hugo A. Lopez, 44, financial consultant for Chang Lu Group; succeeding Irving Armando Guardia Suarez; wife, Ilka Trid Perez B. de Lopez. Counselors - Jorge Aldeano R., 56, military officer; wife, Emilia Garcia Rodriguez de Aldeano. Roberto Munoz O., 36, self-employed taxi driver; wife, Raquel Velasquez C. de Munoz.

TALCAHUANO CHILE HUALPEN STAKE: (May 7, 1998) President - Roberto Hugo Esparza O., 35, supply manager for Promaind Ltda.; succeeding Augusto Alejo Fernandez Pache; wife, Ingrid Luz Torrealba O. de Esparza. Counselors - Gabriel Melgarejo M., 44, small business owner; wife, Viola Alejandra Venegas I. de Melgarejo. Carlos Cofre N., 41, self-employed contractor; wife, Maria Angelica Salinas P. de Cofre.

TRUJILLO PERU EAST STAKE: (April 19, 1998) President - Luis Maravi Aguilar Medina, retained. Counselors - Usberto Telmo Pezantes M., 35, accountant; wife, Maria Asuncion Rodriguez R. de Pezantes. Romulo Eduardo Enriquez C., 27, shop manager for Children of Peru Foundation; wife, Sandra Hortengia Tello H. de Enriquez.

VANCOUVER WASHINGTON STAKE: (May 17, 1998) President - David L. Garner, 49, president of QCI (Credit Bureau); succeeding Thomas H. Jensen; wife, Robin Sue MacDonald Garner. Counselors - Donald Ernest Hartley, retained. Richard W. Gillespie, 49, dentist; wife, Linda Ann Hathaway Gillespie.

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