This week in Church history

50 years ago

In the summer of 1948, the German Saints in Berlin were standing guard to protect a new crop of potatoes, planted from seed potatoes donated a year earlier by Dutch members, according to the July 23, 1948, Church News.

"It is a wonderful feeling for us to look over these growing potatoes and to know that they belong to us - that we are doing something for ourselves," said a woman who was guarding the crop. More than a hundred members turned out to plant the crop in May in Grunewald, a forest on the edge of Berlin.

The German members were doubly grateful to the Dutch members for donating 60 tons of potatoes the previous fall. First, the German members were protected from starvation during the winter and, second, because, with the saved seed potatoes, now they "could have welfare projects of their own," according to the article.

Quote from the past

"The true expression of reverence is found in the Savior's admonition - `Love the Lord thy God with all thy might, mind and strength, and thy neighbor as thyself.' " - President David O. McKay, April 1937 general conference.

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