New stake presidencies

Five new stakes have been created, three in Brazil and one each in Argentina and Mexico.

Elder W. Craig Zwick of the Seventy has created two new stakes in Brazil: The Rio De Janeiro Brazil Jacarep Agua Stake, which includes the Bandeirantes, Barra Da Tijuca, Camorim, Freguesia, Jacarepagua, and Praca Seca wards; and the Sete Lagoas Brazil Stake, which includes the Eldorado, Nova Cidade, Sete Lagoas 1st and 2nd, and Montreal wards and the Curvelo, Pedro Leopoldo, and Progresso branches.The Natal Brazil Potengi Stake, which includes the Cidade Do Sol, Nova Natal, Pajucara, Panatis, Potengi, and Santarem wards, has been created by Elder Claudio R.M. Costa of the Seventy.

The Guadalajara Mexico Lomas Stake, which includes the Belenes, Constitucion, Lomas, Nuevo Mexico, and Residencial wards, has been created by Elder Eran A. Call of the Seventy.

The Pergamino Argentina Stake, which includes the Acevedo, Castelli, Centenario, Pergamino Centro, and Salto wards, and the Ameghino, Arrecifes, Colon, and Rojas branches, has been created by Elder Richard D. Allred of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil, England and Mexico, and in Arizona, Idaho, Louisiana and Utah.

New stakes

GUADALAJARA MEXICO LOMAS STAKE: (June 7, 1998) Created from the Guadalajara Mexico Union Stake. President - Sergio Miguel Anaya M., 36, teacher; wife, Gloria Elisa Rodriguez P. de Anaya. Counselors - Jose Alfonso Flores R., 43, accountant adviser for Pedro Mensoza M.; wife, Blanca Estela Orozco M. de Flores. Sergio Ocampo S., 32, iron works furniture maker; wife, Elena Partido S. de Ocampo.

NATAL BRAZIL POTENGI STAKE: (May 31, 1998) Created from the Natal Brazil Stake. President - Jorge Borges de Lira, 38, maintenance worker for Janagun Center Hotel; wife, Cleide Cristina de Souza Lira. Counselors - Carlos Ivan de Souza, 40, assistant cashier; wife, Enilevia Arcanjo Belerro de Souza. Douglas Magaldi de Freitas, 34, mail supervisor; wife, Iranete Aguiar de Almeida de Freitas.

PERGAMINO ARGENTINA STAKE: (May 10, 1998) Created from the Pergamino Argentina District. President - Daniel Oscar Banuls, 33, factory worker for Simonattoy Conti; wife, Monica Alejandra Benavidez F. de Banuls. Counselors - Mario Oscar Teves, 57, baker; wife, Clara Gladys De La Fuente C. de Teves. Julian Hector Teves F., 65, retired; wife, Ilda E. Lema S. de Teves.

RIO DE JANEIRO BRAZIL JACAREP AGUA STAKE: (March 22, 1998) Created from the Rio De Janeiro Brazil Madurei Stake. President - Claudio Jose Hottum Da Silva, 33, owner and manager of jewelry store; wife, Sandra Reis Silva. Counselors - Emerson Dos Santos Ferraz, 35, coordinator for Deseret Association; wife, Marcia Regina Abrantos Nunes Ferraz. Luiz Alberto Da Silva, 42, training manager for Blonutri; wife, Marta Martins Da Silva Luiza.

SETE LAGOAS BRAZIL STAKE: (May 17, 1998) Created from the Contagem Brazil Stake. President - Edson Donizette Goncalves Ribeiro, 28, sales manager for Antonauto Sales & Vehicles LTDA; wife, Rosalia Delfino Goncalves Ribeiro. Counselors - Jose Epaminondas Goncalves, 40, manager for Multiple Sales LTDA; wife, Hilda Teresa Vilchez Goncalves. Jose Roberto Silva, 28, owner of Seven Lakes Transports; wife, Rosane Goncalves Martins Silva.

Stake reorganizations

BOISE IDAHO NORTH STAKE: (June 28, 1998) President - Allen Riley Cutler IV, 52, dentist; succeeding William Lyman Belnap; wife, Carol Cluff Cutler. Counselors - Stephen Andrew Christensen, 49, professor at Boise State University; wife, Linda Faye Strong Christensen. Von Kay Sorenson, 48, package reliability supervisor for Micron Technology Inc.; wife, Sheri Olsen Sorenson.

CONTAGEM BRAZIL STAKE: (June 6, 1998) President - Evandro Chevitarese Parada, retained. Counselors - Osvaldo Pereira Cruz, retained. Anamas Felisberto Pereira Filho, 34, finance director for Franco Matos Inds. Com.; wife, Tania Maria de Olveira Filho.

DENHAM SPRINGS LOUISIANA STAKE: (June 7, 1998) President - Ole Leo Christensen, 57, sector manager for Cargill Inc.; succeeding Ruben Bert Clark; wife, Joyce Carol Larson Christensen. Counselors - Thomas Ross Britt, 46, project leader for Dow Chemical Co.; wife, Jane Elizabeth Sheffield Britt. Henry Hansen Bradford, 54, physical facilities field manager for Church area office; wife, Trudy Lee Johnson Bradford.

ENTERPRISE UTAH STAKE: (June 28, 1998) President - Richard Mason Jones, 56, owner and operator in farming partnership of T. W. Jones & Sons; succeeding Lavon Randall; wife, Donnie Marie Christensen Jones. Counselors- Leslie Alma Barlow, 51, president and general manager of Crossroads Equipment; wife, Maryann Huntsman Barlow. Michael Harold Singleton, 45, accountant for Kerry Holt Farms; wife, Dorene Truman Singleton.

GUADALAJARA MEXICO UNION STAKE: (June 7, 1998) President - Jose De Jesus Gomez Gonzalez, retained. Counselors - Leopoldo Bonilla Gris, retained. Marco Antonio Guirado V., 32, marketing manager for Valent of Mexico; wife, Miriram Urrea Gutierrez de Guirado.

KEARNS UTAH STAKE: (June 14, 1998) President - David W. De La Mare, 41, small business loan officer for U.S. Bank; succeeding Douglas A. Hillman; wife, Kayla Harris De La Mare. Counselors - Kevin D. Weaver, 41, sales manager for World of Sew; wife, Terri Jo Gallagher Weaver. M. Robbie Higley, 58, electronic technician and computer programmer for Hill AFB; wife, Sandra Lee Smith Higley.

MESA ARIZONA KIMBALL STAKE: (June 14, 1998) President - Richard C. Westergard, 43, dentist; succeeding Lee Josef Huber; wife, Carrie Lucinda Westenhaver Westergard. Counselors - Wilford Lynn Taylor, 47, attorney; wife, Sharla Kay Rogers Taylor. Stephen Crouse Driggs, 49, dentist; wife, Sheila Gail Packard Driggs.

NATAL BRAZIL STAKE: (May 13, 1998) President - Jose Vianna Campos Junior, 33, staff manager for Brazil Bank SA; succeeding Ricardo Gueiros; wife, Vera Lucia De Carvalho Campos. Counselors - Valter Ribeiro, 32, business director for Ciclo District Information; wife, Margarita Alexandre Mavromatis Ribeiro. Pedro Fonseca Camargo, 30, owner of Wizard Languages; wife, Maria Ivaniga Simoes Lima Camargo.

NORTHAMPTON ENGLAND STAKE: (June 28, 1998) President - Clive Richard Jolliffe, 39, general manager and director of Agreserves Ltd. (Church Farms); succeeding Brian Wade; wife, Catherine Joy Isaac Jolliffe. Counselors - Graham Peter Bowles, 40, account manager for Aulbert UK; wife, Rebecca Lauren Smith Bowles. Andrew Elder, 46, international development consultant; wife, Margaret Jean Deas Elder.

OGDEN UTAH STAKE: (June 21, 1998) President - L. Clifford Goff, 58, dentist instructor at Weber State University; succeeding Mark Lewis Johnson; wife, Elizabeth Felt Goff. Counselors - James Wallace Blackinton, retained. John R. Starley, 46, dentist; wife, Colleen Booth Starley.

SAO PAULO BRAZIL SANTO AMARO STAKE: (May 19, 1998) President - Antonio Carlos Goncalves Lazaro, 40, assistant business manager for Rhodia Ster S.A.; succeeding Wilson Roberto Gomes; wife, Vera Lucia Mafra de Lazaro. Counselors - Milton Batista Santos, 44, installation technician for W.A. Installations; wife, Izabel De Souza de Santos. Nicolangelo Miliosi Philippeli, 37, sales manager for WPB Import; wife, Adriana Cordeiro Philppelli.

VERNAL UTAH ASHLEY STAKE: (May 31, 1998) President - Paul M. Andrews, 59, retired from Bureau of Land Management; succeeding Kenneth G. Anderton; wife, Phyllis Anderson Andrews. Counselors - Mickal A. Merrell, 41, owner and manager of Jiffy Enterprises Inc.; wife, Linda Lee Park Merrell. Boyd M. Kitchen, 43, county agriculture agent for Utah State University Extension; wife, Kathryn Laga Kitchen.

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