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100 years ago

President Wilford Woodruff left Salt Lake City on Aug. 13, 1898, for a visit to northern California where he died three weeks later. He was accompanied on the trip by President George Q. Cannon, his first counselor in the First Presidency.

An article in the Sept. 6, 1898, Deseret Semi-Weekly News reported: "It was a well known fact that the venerable President was in the best of health when he left home for the coast three weeks ago tomorrow. To a friend on the train who accompanied him to Ogden, he remarked cheerily, `I wish President Cannon was as well as I am.' "

The article continued: "President Cannon, it will be remembered, took the trip with a view to benefiting his health while President Woodruff went simply for rest. He always liked a seacoast country and always felt better and slept better while on the water or near the sea level."

President Woodruff fell ill suddenly, the newspaper article said, and died on Sept. 2, 1898, at the San Francisco home of Isaac Trumbo.

Quote from the past

"How can we expect other people to teach and to build character in our children if we don't?

"How can we expect other people to take their time and to inconvenience themselves for our children if we don't?" - Elder Richard L. Evans, from an address given at the October 1964 general conference

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