Center's resources strengthen marriages

A family science class at BYU now offers couples and families an additional source of information for strengthening relationships and preventing divorce.

The Marriage Resource Center, part of the BYU Center for Studies of the Family, was organized after Brent A. Barlow, associate professor of family science at BYU, heard President Gordon B. Hinckley speak at a BYU devotional in September 1996.During the address, President Hinckley told BYU students that "affairs in the home must not be neglected," noting that he frequently deals with divorce and requests for cancellation of temple sealings.

He asked Church members to preserve the sanctity of their marriages. Wanting to help with that goal, Brother Barlow created the center as a place where people could find information about preparing for marriage and being married. The center is not designed to give answers but to provide material and resources to help people find the information they need for their particular situation.

He said BYU hopes to help others as they accomplish four objectives through the resource center:

Provide references to published articles on strengthening marriages.

Encourage LDS married couples to talk to their bishops.

Provide marriage seminars on the BYU campus.

Form strategic alliances with other organizations around the world that are also working to strengthen marriages.

Brother Barlow is working with undergraduate student Troy Faddis, who set up the center's Web page. Since March, almost 1,000 people have visited the site and another 250 have send inquiries via E-mail.

Students taking an upper-level family science course research the information requests and help provide resources to those who have questions. So far, these volunteers have helped people from 24 states and 19 countries, such as Australia, France, Melasia and Malvides.

Information about the center can be found at its Internet site ( or by calling (801) 378-2013. Those interested can also send E-mail to ( and volunteers at the center will return information.

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