Be good neighbors, Christians, members in Ontario asked

Speaking to more than 850 Church members gathered here Aug. 5 from across northern Ontario, President Gordon B. Hinckley outlined "what the Lord expects of us."

During a member meeting, held at Laurentian University's Fraser Auditorium, President Hinckley said the Lord "expects us to be Latter-day Saints. He expects us to be His followers, to bring into our lives something of the pattern of the Savior."President Hinckley asked members to be good neighbors and good Christians in every sense of the word.

He asked the men to be "good fathers, kind fathers, wonderful fathers, loved by our children." He told the husbands to love their wives. "There is no place among the men of the Church for those who abuse their wives or children," he said.

President Hinckley counseled mothers to use soft words and "be teachers to your children."

President Hinckley then spoke of the great work being accomplished in temples. He called temples "the great bridge from this life to the next." He encouraged members to visit the temple often.

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