Resource book contains helps for successful family home evenings

Following are suggestions from the Family Home Evening Resource Book on how to improve your family home evenings, taken from the section, "Making Home Evenings Successful":

Participation - an Important Part. "Family home evening lessons were never intended to be given as lectures; they were designed to promote discussions and participation by everyone."- Using a Planning Wheel for Assignments. The resource book suggests drawing an assignment chart - prayers, refreshments, etc. - on the outside edge of heavy paper or poster board. Then, a wheel is made out of the heavy paper. The wheel is sectioned like a pie and the name of a family member is drawn on each "piece of pie." Then attach the wheel to the chart with a round-headed prong fastener. The wheel then turns freely and each week a family member's name is positioned by an assignment on the chart.

Meeting Adult Needs. "Each of us has several basic needs. . . . Home evening can help us meet

theT need to grow spiritually and overcome inner weaknesses."

Involving Your Teenagers. "To involve a teenager more meaningfully in home evenings you need to understand his needs." Ideas are then given on how to successfully involve a teenager in family home evening.

Family Home Evening with Younger Children. "You should not wait until your children are school age to hold

family home eveningT. Successful family home evenings can help younger children learn gospel principles and learn to enjoy being together."

Reading Scriptures with Children. "Because the scriptures are sometimes difficult to understand, we often avoid reading them with children, particularly younger children." Ideas are offered for adapting the scriptures to a child's understanding.

Avoiding Putting Children in Corners. The resource book emphasizes not to use family home evenings for opportunities to discuss the personal problems of family members, thus embarrassing them and forcing them into corners.

Creating Your Own Lessons. "Once you learn to put together a simple lesson, you will be able to adapt these ideas to teach your family just what they need."

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