New stake presidencies

Stakes have been reorganized in Colombia, Japan and Peru, and in Oregon.



BOGOTA COLOMBIA TUNJUELITO STAKE: (Aug. 9, 1998) President - Julio Cesar Rivero R., 27, maintenance technician for Surtidora de Aves, succeeding Douglas Fabian Saavedra Lesmes; wife, Diana Patricia Varon H. de Rivero. Counselors - Jose Andres Bermudez Sanchez, retained. Fabio Fonseca B., 29, labor affairs instructor for Popular Bank; wife, Sandra Migdalia Camargo C. de Fonseca.

HIROSHIMA JAPAN STAKE: (Aug. 16, 1998) President - Jun Kiribayashi, 32, architect for Alma Architectual Office, succeeding Masahire Sumiyoshi; wife, Kazuyo Myojin Kiribayashi. Counselors - Seikichi Kondou, retained. Toru Hayashi, 46, seminary coordinator for Church Educational System; wife, Mieko Kikuchi Hayashi.

LIMA PERU VILLA MARIA STAKE: (June 28, 1998) President - Fernando Javier Torrealua P., 36, planning manager of Lima Planetarium for Franky & Ricky SA, succeeding Isidoro Araujo Victoria; wife, Sara Portocarrero M. de Torrealua. Counselors - Ciro Alberto Caytuiro S., 30, process operator for Peruvian Security Institute; wife, Rocio Vela P. de Caytuiro. Moises Portocarrero M., 32, laboratory assistant for Minister of Health; wife, Melina Emerita Castaneda G. de Portocarrero.

PORTLAND OREGON STAKE: (June 28, 1998) President - Louis Gail Sponseller, 54, principal for Liteco Inc., succeeding Paul S Clayson; wife, Maxine Frances Jones Sponseller. Counselors - Conwell Clayton McCune, 66, retired from Chevron Oil Field Research Co.; wife, Maria Torres McCune. Bruce Willes Papenfuss Jr., 40, president of American Resources and Development Company; wife, Patricia May Bergeret Aldabe Papenfuss.

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