New stake presidencies

Two new stakes have been created, in Chile and Utah.

The Santiago Chile Penalolen Stake, which includes the Consistorial, Jose Arrieta and Penalolen wards, and the Cousino and El Valle branches, has been created by Elder Julio H. Jaramillo of the Seventy.The St. George Utah College 2nd Stake has been created by Elder Ben B. Banks of the Seventy. It includes the Dixie College 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th and 14th wards.

Elsewhere stakes have been reorganized in Chile and Mexico, and in California.

New stakes

SANTIAGO CHILE PENALOLEN STAKE: (July 26, 1998) Created from the Santiago Chile La Reina Stake. President - Santiago Vicente Vera B., 40, membership specialist for Church area office; wife, Cecilia Pena L. de Vera. Counselors - Jaime Enrique Sepulveda C., 43, owner of transport company; wife, Lucia Eliana Contreras Z. de Sepulveda. Jose Hernan Gonzalez L., 31, self-employed; wife, Carmen Gloria Lopez S. de Gonzalez.

ST. GEORGE UTAH COLLEGE 2ND STAKE: (Aug. 16, 1998) Created from the St. George Utah College Stake. President - C. Jeffery Morby, 52, self-employed in holiday resort realty and management; wife, Connie McArthur Morby. Counselors - Eric A. Ludlow, 36, Washington County attorney; wife, Phoebe Lee Bowler Ludlow. Derrill C. Larkin, 57, self-employed in real estate development; wife, Lana Kay Frechner Larkin.

Stake reorganizations

BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA STAKE: (June 28, 1998) President - Milton Woolsey, 57, superintendent of Delano Union School District; succeeding William F Johns; wife, Joyce Lyman Woolsey. Counselors - Carl Hernandez III, 35, assistant city attorney for Bakersfield; wife, Christy Covington Hernandez. Aaron Bevan Speirs, 42, petroleum engineer for Aera Energy LLC; wife, Pamela Nelson Speirs.

MEXICO CITY MEXICO LINDA VISTA STAKE: (June 7, 1998) President - Gerardo Garcia G., 42, teacher; succeeding David Nava Lobato; wife, Maria Guadalupe Salazar M. de Garcia. Counselors - Adrian Moya S., 37, area manager of membership and statistic records for Church area office; wife, Maria Lorena Baez S. de Moya. Jose De Jesus Campozano H., 26, jeweler; wife, Teresa Falcon P. de Campozano.

SANTIAGO CHILE LA REINA STAKE: (July 26, 1998) President - Claudio Alberto Alvarez O., 32, communication division supervisor for Chilesat S.S.E.E.; succeeding Santiago Vicente Vera Barrera; wife, Aurora Soledad Galindo A. de Alvarez. Counselors - Patricio Luciano Alonso P., 42, teacher at Andree English School; wife, Elsa Clara Mella L. de Alonso. Nelson Elias Leal E., 33, administrator for Santa Cruz Administration; wife, Maria Gladys Rivas C. de Leal.

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