How to help children be physically active during the winter months

Our three children are 4 1/2 and under. The question we have to answer is how to channel physical activity during the winter months. We strive to do the following:

We allow running in certain areas of our home. We designate a "track" where they can run and play. If we have to stay indoors, we prefer movement to hibernation.

Supervised jumping on a mini-trampoline is great. We play "toddler" music, and our two girls take turns jumping when the songs change. Meanwhile, our baby likes to bounce in his bouncer.

Dress up and dancing are other favorite physical activities. We do ballet, and we also do things like play lions and tigers. There are endless options for dances, games and activities during cold winter months.

When it hits 32 degrees without strong winds, we dress up warmly and head outside for slides down the banks of snow which line our driveway during winter. — Jay and Melanie DeForest, Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota

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