This week in Church history

25 years ago

It was a busy weekend in the Mexico Mexico City and Mexico Vera Cruz Missions for President Spencer W. Kimball, Dec. 13-15, 1974, but a spiritual feast for the members in that part of Mexico, recorded an article in the Dec. 21, 1974, issue of the Church News.

Wherever he went, whether addressing missionaries, or meeting with stake presidents, youth or members, he was surrounded by people from all economic walks in life who were eager to shake his hand.

In Mexico City, President Kimball addressed members who were admitted to the meeting only if they brought non-members.

A member of the high council brought 63 investigators. A bishop rented a 46-passenger bus to bring his investigators, with others coming by individual automobiles, for a total of 124 non-members from his ward area.

At Puebla, a city over the mountains to the southeast of Mexico City, President Kimball held a missionary meeting and dedicated a chapel. The building was constructed to accommodate 1,000 people, but using various classrooms, the then-Junior Sunday School chapel and the outdoors basketball court, the meetinghouse held more than 6,000 on this occasion.

Some members came from as far away as the Yucatan peninsula, 1,200 miles by highway. The entire Xolitzintla Branch attended, traveling by bus.

When other churches in the area were boarding up their windows, said President Kimball, there were 6,000 in this spot who were trying to get in.

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