How to help young people learn respect

A mother, writing about a happy home and family, asked her teenage daughter for any suggestions she could make. The young woman's reply: "Help parents realize they should treat children and spouses with the same respect they show adult friends and adult family members. Example is always the most effective teacher!"

Any school teacher can readily identify those children who have been treated with respect at home, because the children do the following:

Demonstrate a respect for teachers and students at school.

Add a dimension of great worth to a class or group because they help each child feel important and worthwhile as they demonstrate this respect.

Each person is an important child of Heavenly Father's family, and when we are treated with respect we automatically share that respect and self-worth with others. Each one becomes a valued member of his group, which is just what Heavenly Father wants us to feel in His family.

As we visit local attractions and as we take our early morning walk along the river trail, our only deterrent to pure enjoyment of the beauty and goodness around us is the never-ending litter of all kinds, along with the destruction of property and rights.

How sad to see the lack of respect for God's beautiful creations and for the labors of His children.

It is important enough that the Brethren remind us often of our need to be examples to teach and show respect at all times. If we show respect for His children we show respect for Him.

We can make a difference in the world around us if we look continually for opportunities to show respect for all of the young people under our influence.

We can help prepare a whole new generation by treating them with respect and love, a feeling that they are important, that they have self-worth in the eyes of all.

What a great preparation that will be in the lives of youth, our leaders of the future. — Rene L. Morin, Provo, Utah

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