Living by the scriptures

But if ye will turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart, and put your trust in him, and serve him with all diligence of mind, if ye do this, he will, according to his own will and pleasure, deliver you out of bondage. — Mosiah 7:33

It had not been a very good day. I spent most of it trying to get ahead of an early winter snow storm that threatened to shut down the Denver airport. Hours of waiting on standby had finally ended when I got the next to the last seat on the last flight out of Denver.

Once over the California skies, the plane was unable to land at my original destination due to gusty winds and sand storms. So we landed in Los Angeles. I was told I couldn't rent a car and drive the remainder of the journey due to road closures. So I ended up spending the night in a strange hotel near the Los Angeles airport, instead of arriving in Palm Springs, where my mother was hospitalized and waiting for my arrival.

I was painfully conscious of my anxiety arising from my failure to trust God, compounded by impatience and resentment toward the airline personnel who seemed undisturbed by my plight. I hadn't exactly displayed the sweeter side of my spirit that day.

Finally, alone in the hotel room, I came face to face with my sinful attitude. I realized I had dishonored my Heavenly Father by my failure to trust in His supremacy over my schedule. I knew I had blamed airline personnel for a situation over which they had no control.

In an effort to regain my spiritual composure, I opened my scriptures and began to read in Mosiah. The words in Chapter 7 verse 33 besieged my heart. With tears welling up, I knelt beside that hotel bed and prayed. I turned over to my Heavenly Father my burdens of this ordeal, putting my trust in Him and asking for forgiveness for my temper and bad manners that day.

After reading this scripture I felt relief, knowing the whole situation was in the Lord's hands. I was able to arrive in Palm Springs safely the next day, refreshed from my stopover in Los Angeles. I had a wonderful visit with my ailing mother, and my presence there helped her recovery as well. — Elizabeth Praast, Quartzsite, Ariz .

"Living by the Scriptures" is another in a series of Church News reader response articles. Was there a time when a particular scripture touched you, when it offered comfort, guidance and much-needed support? If so, please describe your experience in 250-300 words, giving the scriptural reference and telling how it affected you. Send your submission to Church News, P.O. Box 1257, Salt Lake City, Utah 84110. Fax No. (801) 237-2524. Internet e-mail:

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