Sacrament meeting

Quiet moments

We are counseled to go to the temple where the Lord can reveal His will to us. Some of us still live far from these wonderful places of worship and revelation. I would therefore suggest the quiet moments during the passing of the sacrament as a very suitable time to receive needed or desired revelation.

Recently, I've taken these sacred moments to simply ask Heavenly Father what He sees in my life that I need to work on the coming week. I then relax and allow the Lord to send into my mind His will. The thoughts that come into my mind surprise me, yet I determine to do as the Lord has directed and repent as instructed.

Each week now, I find myself feeling a little closer to my Heavenly Father and a lot more worthy to partake of my Savior's offer represented in the sacrament. I also recommit to my baptismal covenant. But, of course, most important is feeling closer to Heavenly Father, our Savior and the Holy Ghost who help me to understand their will. — Robert Dean Luke, Bergen, Norway

Sincerity, real intent

I've been a Church member for many years, but I have only recently discovered some ways to receive greater blessings during the sacrament. I first try to repent, seek forgiveness and perfect myself each day of the week. Then I partake of the sacrament with sincerity and real intent.

During the sacrament itself, I try to close the world and those around me out of my mind. I sing the sacrament hymn as my own personal prayer, focusing on its every word. (D&C 25:12.) Then, as I eat the bread, I pray in my mind something like, "in remembrance of the body of thy Son," and picture the Savior on the cross.

When I drink the water, I pray in my mind to God something like, "in remembrance of the blood of thy Son, which was shed for me" and picture the Savior in the Garden of Gethsemane.

As I do each of these things, the Holy Ghost comforts me and manifests with unmistakable power. — Lester R. Harrison, Tacoma, Wash.

Prepare beforehand

Following surgery when I was unable to attend Church for some time, I discovered how meaningful the sacrament was to me. I felt something important was missing from my life.

Since that time I look forward to each Sunday in a different way. While I am getting ready, I listen to a rebroadcast of the Tabernacle Choir followed by hymn tapes. I think of our Savior and His overwhelming sacrifice for me.

The sacrament hymn always helps me prepare for the privilege and great blessing of partaking of the sacrament. My thoughts are always of Jesus, and it has become the highlight of the meetings. My week always goes better when I begin it with this sacred ordinance each Sunday. — Cleo Price Mollinet, Midvale, Utah

Arrive early

About 50 years ago, President David O. McKay, when he was a member of the Quorum of the Twelve, came to Los Angeles, Calif., to dedicate the La Cienaga Ward meetinghouse. In his talk, he asked us to come five minutes before the meeting started to sit quietly and listen to the music and prepare our mind and body in partaking of the sacrament.

From then on, many came early each Sunday, including our family, and we still do it today.

I found this helped me become quiet. I was, thus, better able to observe the blessing and passing of the sacrament. When you come right at the beginning of the meeting, you're not really prepared. You're more focused on getting into your seat and getting the family settled. My wife and I have six children. When they were young, we tried to prepare for Church early, and it really helped. — Calvin Olson, Boise, Idaho

Nourished spiritually

I went to BYU Education Week this past summer. There was a class I took during which the instructor talked about the sacrament. He talked about changing the routine things into something more sacred. For instance, symbolically, if we partake of the sacrament, we are partaking of the Savior's offering. Thus, we are nourished spiritually. If we think of the sacrament as an important ordinance in the Church and think of it as helping us weekly by bringing the Savior into our lives, then it becomes less of a routine.

Since then, I've striven to do this. This focuses my mind on the sacrament, rather than thinking about what I'll do during the week, and it focuses my mind on who the Savior is. This has helped me find more meaning in this weekly ordinance. — Julianne Petersen, Midvale, Utah


Prepare mind, spirit; repent, organize yourself.

Arrive at Church early; sit quietly, ponder, listen to prelude music.

Realize all people sin and need a Redeemer.

Stay focused during sacrament; ponder Savior's offering, your covenants.

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