Church News' top stories of the 20th Century

The Church News conducted a poll last year to determine which events and developments of the 1900s would be considered the top Church stories of the past century. During 1999, the Church News is featuring the top 12 stories, according to the poll. Ballots containing 18 events or developments during the 1900s were mailed to 900 members of whom 442, or 49 percent, responded with their opinions.

This week the Church News looks at story No. 2.


The proliferation of temples across the world.

Statements of First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve (featured Nov. 6, 1999).

Publication of the LDS edition of the scriptures (featured Sept. 25, 1999).

Missionary work (featured Aug. 28, 1999).

Growth of the Church (featured July 24, 1999).

Family History worldwide expansion (featured June 26, 1999).

Technology age arrives (featured May 29, 1999).

Expansion of First Quorum of the Seventy and decentralization of Church administration (featured May 1, 1999).

Priesthood correlation (featured March 27, 1999).

Welfare program (featured Feb. 27, 1999).

Weekday religious instruction (featured Jan. 23, 1999).

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