Elder F. Enzio Busche

Quorums of the Seventy

What does it mean to be free? Freedom means to have matured to the full knowledge of our many responsibilities as a human being. We have learned that everything we do, and even say or think, has consequences.

Wrong choices have their merciless consequences, and when they are not stopped and corrected, lead us into misery and pain, even ultimately to separation from our Heavenly Father in the world to come.

"As we open our hearts to the message of God's truth, as it was restored in our time, we begin to understand why there was — and still is — so much misery, pain, suffering and even starvation. In the same dimension, as we are learning to accept the revealed truth in our own life, our faith in the living Son of God will grow and, therefore, we will receive spiritual gifts of heretofore unknown capacity. We will learn that nothing is impossible for those who believe in Jesus Christ."

Christ wants to empower our lives according to our righteous choices. Through our own faith and actions, we can eventually overcome the prisons of circumstance that may bind us. In the Book of Mormon, we learn that the Redeemer monitors our lives, together with a multitude of holy angels.

"Let us always stay close to the loving, caring hand of our Redeemer to find safety and joy."

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