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New stake presidencies

A new stake has been created in Utah.

The Milford Utah Stake, which includes the Milford 1st, 2nd and 3rd and Minersville 1st and 2nd wards, has been created by Elder Dennis B. Neuenschwander of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Honduras, Japan, Mexico and Tonga, and in Louisiana, Nevada, Texas and Utah.


MILFORD UTAH STAKE: (Jan. 30, 2000) Created from the Beaver Utah Stake. President — Gary M. Jensen, 52, high school teacher; wife, Susan May James Jensen. Counselors — William C. Garrett, 56, owner of Re/Max Realty; wife, Sheri Marshall Jensen. Samuel S. Florence, 54, owner of Milford True Value; wife, Maria D. Hooft Florence.


BATON ROUGE LOUISIANA STAKE: (Jan. 23, 2000) President — R. Randall Bluth, 42, president of investment subsidiary for Hancock Bank; succeeding Brent D. Rawson; wife, Becky Jean Bennett Bluth. Counselors — Darrell A. Nope, retained. N. Gregory Smith, 49, associate professor for Louisiana State University law school; wife, Gayle Eileen Oehler Smith.

BEAVER UTAH STAKE: (Jan. 30, 2000) President — Paul Rowe Thomas, 49, seminary teacher for Church Educational System; succeeding B. Noal Robinson; wife, Debra Blake Thomas. Counselors — Gilbert Alan Gale, 66, farmer; wife, Joyce Harris Gale. Thomas Gale Bartlett, 47, director of maintenance for Beaver Valley Hospital; wife, Rebecca Lynne Kesler Bartlett.

LAS VEGAS NEVADA LAKES STAKE: (Jan. 30, 2000) President — Todd S. Larkin, 41, division president of W. L. Homes LLC; succeeding Fred P. Lang; wife, Laura Ann Cornelius Larkin. Counselors — Jonathon W. Bunker, 41, western region president of Sierra Health Services; wife, Susan Stewart Bunker. Stanford W. Nielson, 46, owner and partner of Polywood Shutters; wife, Judi Ann Parker Nielson.

MEXICO CITY MEXICO ANAHUAC STAKE: (Jan. 30, 2000) President — Miguel Angel Barrera D., 39, owner of jewelry sales company; succeeding Jose Bravo Andrade; wife, Ana Oliva Foerte T. de Barrera. Counselors — Jose de Jesus Sanchez S., 51, service business owner; wife, Guillermina Tirado A. de Sanchez. Manuel Alvaro Jimenez C., 54, consultant; wife, Dora Silvia Sarmiento A. de Jimenez.

NUKU'ALOFA TONGA MU'A STAKE: (Jan. 9, 2000) President — Tapa'atoutai 'Osaiasi Mu'amoholeva, 36, farmer; succeeding James William Harris; wife, Ilaise Tuavao Mu'amoholeva. Counselors — Samiu Ikahehgingi Tupoumalohi, 30, store manager T.C.F. Wholesale; wife, Ana Matileti Fonokalafi Tupoumalohi. Halamalohi Fitikefu, 39, farmer; wife, Toakase Pingi Kofeloa Fitikefu.

ODESSA TEXAS STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2000) President — David H. Powers, 47, consulting geologist for UNOCAL; succeeding Lloyd A. Hales; wife, Lois Diane Mountford Powers. Counselors — Steven J. Vore, 51, part owner of Mesa MPG Inc.; wife, Laurel Dale Pitt Vore. W. Bruce Williams, 45, shareholder and attorney for Cotton, Bledsoe, Tishe & Dawson; wife, Debra Jan Stone Williams.

OKAYAMA JAPAN STAKE: (Jan. 23, 2000) President — Nakatsuka Hirofumi, 42, president of Nakatsuka Chiropractic Office; succeeding Shouzou Makino; wife, Naoko Muramaki Nakatsuka. Counselors — Fumio Nakanishi, 50, director of Livestock Improvement Association of Japan; wife, Wasumi Takagi Nakauishi. Atsushi Yasui, 59, Japanese sword craftsman; wife, Aiko Kasai Yasui.

PACHUCA MEXICO STAKE: (Jan. 30, 2000) President — Lazaro Saucedo S., 37, materials manager for department of Education and Culture of Mexico; succeeding Carlos Zepeda Reynaga; wife, Ana Leticia Jaen H. de Saucedo. Counselors — Jose Raul Serrano C., 36, judicial secretary for National Supreme Court of Justice; wife, Maria de La Cuz Ramirez U. de Serrano. Victor Manuel Jaen H., 33, self-employed administrator; wife, Lucrecia Anieues O. de Jaen.

SALINA UTAH STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2000) President — Dennis R. Sperry, 49, principal for Church Educational System; succeeding Phil H. Barney; wife, Teresa Howell Sperry. Counselors — Don L. Okerlkund, 52, forester for U.S. Forest Service; wife, Jolayne Anderson Okerlund. Clint Bradley Johnson, 37, owner of Johnson Feedlot/Ranch; wife, Tina Michelle Snow Johnson.

SAN ANTONIO TEXAS WEST STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2000) President — Richard Neil Knight, 49, architect for USAA; succeeding Ned Dillman Lunt; wife, Sherry Elizabeth Leclerc Knight. Counselors — J. Roger Davis, 44, vice president and chief finance officer for University Physicians Group; wife, Kimberly Jean Smith Davis. Roy D. Harline, 36, project manager for Texas Scenic Company; wife, Maria Estela Garcia Harline.

TAPACHULA MEXICO IZAPA STAKE: (Jan. 9, 2000) President — Guillermo Bohlen S., 39, owner of repair shop; succeeding Guillermo Sanchez Riley; wife, Maria Guadalupe Guzman B. de Bohlen. Counselors — Jorge Alfonso Vazquez M., 41, custodian for Church area office; wife, Candelarin Molina V. de Vazquez. Jacinto Martinez L., 37, construction worker; wife, Bersi Rivera F. de Martinez.

VILLA NUEVA HONDURAS STAKE: (Jan. 16, 2000) President — Carlos Eduardo Romero P., 33, technical service manager for Technical Solutions; succeeding Aaron Amilcas Fernandez Amaya; wife, Ana Yamileth Moncada P. de Romero. Counselors — Manuel Diaz, 30, carpenter; wife, Iris Soyapa Tome R. de Diaz. Herbert Armando Fernandez A., 25, owner and manager of Fernandez Multiservices; wife, Georgina Yamileh Baranona L. de Fernandez.

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