Meetinghouse for Malaysia

MIRI, Sarawak — Elder Daryl H. Garn dedicated the first meetinghouse constructed by the Church in Malaysia on March 19.

The new meetinghouse will be used by members of the Miri Branch in Sarawak.

During remarks before dedicating the building, Elder Garn of the Seventy and Asia Area President, said Church members account for just 120,000 of the more than 3.3 billion people — nearly half the world's population — living in Asia. "We are indeed few in numbers," he said.

However, he reminded the congregation that in a vision, Nephi saw them and taught that they were reserved in heaven to live on earth today.

"I am so happy to be a part of today's events," said Church member Irene Tan. "This strengthened my testimony."

During the meeting, Miri Branch President Morgan Chiew counseled the members to be self-reliant and recounted ten years of Miri Branch history.

Attending this historical event were Singapore Mission President Gary L. Larkins and his wife, Trudy Jo, who both talked about purchasing the land and seeing the completion of the new meetinghouse. In previous years the members have met in the missionary couples' homes. "The tithes of faithful members everywhere have provided for this chapel to be built," he said.

Branch Relief Society sisters sang, "As Sisters in Zion." The Miri youth choir sang, "A Marvelous Work," and the hymn, "The Spirit of God Like a Fire Is Burning."

Miri Branch members moved into the new building Jan. 20 and had already enjoyed many activities there in the 59 days before the dedication.

Miri Branch meetinghouse in Sarawak is first Church-constructed meetinghouse in Malaysia.
Miri Branch meetinghouse in Sarawak is first Church-constructed meetinghouse in Malaysia.
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