New stake presidents

Stake reorganizations

BALTIMORE MARYLAND STAKE: (Feb. 17, 2008) President — Craig Todd Halsey, 48, chief executive officer at CI2 Consulting Inc., succeeding Dean Malzahn Rueckert; wife, Anne Roberts Halsey. Counselors — James Morgan Burner, 47, group vice president at Ils Chevy Chase Bank; wife, Jane Callen Dizard Burner. James Dewitt Clover, 52, director, North America sales at Millennium Chemicals ; wife, Ann McCleary Clover.

EDMONTON ALBERTA RIVERBEND STAKE: (Feb. 3, 2008) President — Melvin Wong, 51, assistant deputy minister at Alberta Advanced Education and Technology, succeeding Keith Donald Salmon; wife, Carma Dee Johnson Wong. Counselors — Darryl Brownie Rolfson, 42, specialist, geriatric medicine at Capital Health; wife, Terri Lynn Gibb Rolfson. Gordon Heikki Oliver, 49, president and chief executive officer of Elite Advisory Group Ltd.; wife, Diann Lynn Ellis Oliver.

ETINAN NIGERIA STAKE: (Sept. 16, 2007) President — Enobong E. Ekanem, 32, accountant at Royal Comprehensive College, succeeding Ini Benson Ekong; wife, Ifiok Harrison Ikpe Ekanem. Counselors — Samuel Timothy Eka, 48, self-employed; wife, Eico Francis Ekwere Eka. Emmanuel Willie Sam, 31, farmer; wife, Ekaette Michael Daniel Sam.

MANDAUE PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Nov. 4 , 2007) President — Romeo Gocela Duero, 45, company supervisor, succeeding Jairus Cinco Perez; wife, Narcisa Generazao Sialana Duero. Counselors — Michael Cuartero Preciosa, 47, supervisor at General Milling Corp.; wife, Elizabeth Artiaga Gella Preciosa. James Gilwell Osorio Fantone, 35, company executive director; wife, Cynthia Vy Caseres Fantone.

MIDVALE UTAH UNION PARK STAKE: (Feb. 17, 2008) President — Richard Brent Allred, 61, teacher at Granite School District, succeeding David D. Cerva; wife, Laurel Duke Allred. Counselors — Clip R. Palmer, 47, owner of Just a Car Lot; wife, Jana Maire Norton Palmer. Ian Andrew Forrest, 43, attorney at NetDeposit; wife, Wendy Shelton Forrest.

MOSES LAKE WASHINGTON STAKE: (Jan. 27, 2008) President — Reid Thurn Baker, 48, farmer, succeeding Vaughn Edward Hunsaker; wife, Lori Jewkes Baker. Counselors — Mark Joseph Poth, 52, professor/coach at Big Bend Community College; wife, Anette Mitchell Poth. Glenn James Perrins, 63, senior accountant at Grant County; wife, Katherine Jensen Perrins.

NAHA JAPAN STAKE: (Jan. 20, 2008) President — Moritsugu Nakaima, 50, services business manager at AAFES, succeeding Kinjou Masayuk; wife, Naomi Taira Nakaima. Counselors — Takeshi Miyara, 64, social study director in Naha City; wife, Chieko Miyagi Miyara. Tomomitsu Fukuyama, 46, accounting manager at Okinawa Dental Material Co; wife, Yuriko Taketomi Fukuyama.

PASTO COLOMBIA STAKE: (Jan. 27, 2008) President — Norman Jesus Marquinez A. , 37, baker at Salvador Escobar, succeeding Heber Omar Rodriguez; wife, Patricia Rocio Rodriguez A. de Marquinez. Counselors — Luis Ignacio Riascos A., 51, Church construction department; wife, Cecilia Bolanos G. de Riascos. Victor Hugo Erazo C., 34, collections agent at Electromillonaria; wife, Claudia Lorena Rosero B. de Erazo.

PLANO TEXAS STAKE: (Feb. 10, 2008) President — Michael Steven Wilding, 40, vice president/ accountant at Rent-A- Center, succeeding Collins Bruce Jones; wife, LeAnn Frazier Wilding. Counselors — Miles Edmond Hall, 55, chief clinical director at CIGNA Healthcare; wife, Patricia Lee Harris Hall. Brian Don Rast, 43, optometrist at 1st Eye Care; wife, Kristin Jaye Kerlee Rast.

PROVO UTAH STAKE: (Feb. 10, 2008) President — Curtis John Hoehne, 54, director global events at Nature's Sunshine, succeeding Larry Gordon Childs; wife, Joanne Jacox Hoehne. Counselors — Merrill James Christensen, 54, professor of nutrition at Brigham Young University; wife, Diane Kay Butler Christensen. Stephen Robert Brayton, 41, program director at International Languages Program; wife, Cheryl Moore Brayton.

SALT LAKE ROSE PARK NORTH STAKE: (Feb. 10, 2008) President — John Lee McConkie, 35, associate principal at DRSA (Architects), succeeding Clifford Warren Higbee; wife, Elizabeth Ellen Higgs McConkie. Counselors — Brian Lee Barker, 38, controls supervisor at Mt. Valley Temp. Control; wife, Heidi Lyn Hess Barker. Noe Arnoldo Garrido A., 48, businessman; wife, Corina Hernandez T. de Garrido.

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