Elder Russell M. Nelson

Quorum of the Twelve

"To be saved means to be saved from physical and spiritual death. Because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, all people will be resurrected and saved from physical death. People may also be saved from individual spiritual death through the atonement of Jesus Christ, by their faith in him, by living in obedience to the laws and ordinances of his gospel and by serving him.

"The time to prepare for our eventual salvation and exaltation is now."

Such preparation involves repentance, baptism and the receipt of the Holy Ghost and then living according to God's laws.

"The home is God's laboratory of love and service ... Throughout the world, the family is increasingly under attack. If families fail, many of our political, economic and social systems will also fail. And if families fail, their glorious eternal potential cannot be realized."

While the Resurrection is universal, exaltation "is a conditional gift." It requires eternal marriage and continuing obedience to the principles of the gospel.

Preparation for exaltation must involve not only self and family but ancestors, without whom "we cannot become perfect."

"Sealing ordinances are essential to exaltation."

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