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Medical professionals, supplies headed to Haiti as part of Mormon Church relief efforts

The Church's ongoing efforts to provide relief to victims of Tuesday's earthquake in Haiti will include sending medical professionals and supplies to the devastated island nation.

A team of LDS doctors will travel to Haiti and set up a temporary medical center in a Church-owned meetinghouse in Port-au-Prince. The meetinghouse was largely undamaged by the 7.0-magnitude quake.

"We're finding one of the greatest needs is medical care," said Elder Francisco J. Vinas, a member of the Seventy and president of the Caribbean Area. "Entire hospitals have been destroyed. Medical supplies are scarce. So this temporary medical center will be a tremendous asset."

The doctors have volunteered their time and skills to this effort, according to the Chruch. They will take with them medical supplies donated by the Church.

Efforts to ship needed provisions to Haiti continue. Two planes, each loaded with 80,000 pounds of Church-donated supplies, are expected to fly to Haiti on Saturday and Sunday. The supplies on the planes include 15,000 personal filtration bottles, which can filter and purify 400 gallons of water. Also included in the shipments are food, blankets, hygiene kits, tarps, tents and other necessities. Other supplies from the Church were sent into Haiti on Thursday via truck from the neighboring Dominican Republic.

The Church also reported that some meetinghouses in Port-au-Prince are being used as temporary shelters for displaced persons.

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